How to Make Money  As an eBook Writing & Publisher

How to Make Money  As an eBook Writing & Publisher

By harmen batubara

In the modern era of easy content publishing, creating an eBook is now easier than ever How to Write an eBook ?  Most people do not know where to start when it comes to writing an eBook. However, there are some shortcut methods that expert marketers use to get content created.  If you are the type of person who does not know where to start when it comes to writing an eBook. You can use these simple steps to get one created quickly: Find a popular PLR site where you can download or purchase PLR content. Edit the content and add images related to your brand. This will give the book your personal touch. Add links back to your product, website, or brand.

Sqribble, Helping You Create a Professional Looking EBook
Sqribble, Helping You Create a Professional Looking EBook

Some Reasons Why You Should Write An eBook

Reason #1 : Quick and Easy to Create  A fact – everyone has the potential to write an ebook. It’s easy. There are many other ways to create an eBook at your disposal. You may:  outsource your eBook development task to a ghostwriter;   buy a PLR (private label rights) product, which allows you to put your name as the author; or do an interview with expert – either an email interview or recording and have the conversation transcribed. Surely you can do it or any of that.

Reason #2 :  Create and Sell Unlimited Number of Ebooks!  Since eBook is digital, you don’t need it to be perfect. If at any time you’ve new information to update, you can easily edit and add any new stuff right away. Can you keep on updating new content for a print book? It’s costly. Can you afford to lose a lot of money and time? With E-book you can go on and sell unlimited number of them. Being digital also means no inventory to stock, no shipping and handling to take care of and best, make 100% profits for every sale you make!

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Reason #3 :  Very Small Investment, If Any  and Instantly Delivers. Time is the main investment you put in if you write you own ebook. Other than that, it depends on how you’d like to store the informations – if .exe is your format of choice, then you’ll have to invest on an eBook compiler software that converts document to .exe format. Only for a one-time payment though.

Imagine, at any Time, at 2.00 am in the morning, Mrs X visits your website. She likes your product and make a purchase. Once payment is approved, he receives the download link to your eBook instantly. And all this activity takes place while you’re happily and still in a sleeping. That’s the beauty of marketing your eBook online. Your eBook business runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week…with all transactions and fulfillments running like on autopilot!

Reason #4 : Use Viral Marketing To Spread Your eBook Like Wild Fire Now, this is incredible. You may give away a free high quality eBook allowing others to distribute it to their subscribers or anyone else. You’ll get visitors to your website through the links in the free ebook! Can you see the power a simple eBook can bring? Why not have your very own eBook business that pumps out cash like clockwork for you?Lots and lots of marketers are making a big killing online building eBook empires. Why not you?

How to Make Money as an eBook Publisher

How to Create a Profitable Business using eBooks?  Once you have your eBook written, you will want to turn it into a PDF file. This will allow for easy distribution online. Start out by creating a 2 page website. The first page will be and opt-in page, where your visitors can put their name and email into a form to capture their information. In exchange, you will give them the eBook for free. After the they opt in to your form, send them to a thank you page where they can download the eBook.

Once your potential client has the eBook, you will have links in your content that will direct the prospect back to your website or product. Use the content of the book to pre-sell your service. All of your potential customers should then be directed back to your OPT IN PAGE that you created. You can put the link on your business cards or other marketing tactics in order to create a customer on your email newsletter list.

Once you master the skill of writing eBooks quickly, you can use this method to create guides, blueprints, white papers, or other published resources that will provide value to your clients.People always give away their information (emails) in exchange for something of value. Just remember to continue to solve problems and offer solutions in your content and offer your products and services as a complement to the free information you are providing.

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The Market For eBooks Is Alive and Well[1]  You need not fear that the market for e-books is over. People constantly buy them from those online businesses and bloggers that they admire, respect and trust. Developing a strong relationship with your readers is the key to the success of your e-book. First you give them a ton of free information on your website or blog. Be sure these things have real value to your readers. Once you have established you know what you are talking about, they are more than willing to pay for further information that will help them solve a bigger problem.

Know Your Audience  Don’t worry about selling your e-book, but do ask yourself, “Who is going to want to purchase my e-book?” Know your audience and give them a reason for wanting to buy your e-book. If you have earned their trust already, and you are sure your website, business or blog has already contributed to improving their lives, then you know you have established prospects that are going to want to purchase your e-book just to read what you have to say. They trust you have the knowledge and expertise to write something they will want to buy.

Showcase Your Expertise Successful e-books happen when you know who you are selling to. Knowing the wants and needs of your customers is vital to your success. Knowing they expect you to deliver something worthwhile means you have to write about something you do well. Sometimes it takes some research to write the perfect book; just be sure you deliver your information so that your readers can find what they need in a timely manner.

Those who purchase e-books do so because they want more information “now”. Selling your e-book should be a safe and secure process, e-books should then be delivered to customers instantly. If you really want to know if e-books are still selling, write your own, using these tips, and you will soon have all the proof you need.


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