Profit Builder : Create High Converting Marketing Pages

Profit Builder : Create High Converting Marketing Pages

By Harmen Batubara

Creating an optimized landing page that converts can be quite difficult for online marketers. A great solution for this problem is the WP Profit Builder 2.0. It is a premium WP Plugin that enables you to create the pages you like, be it a sales page, member portals, opt-in page, review page, bonus page, webinar page, launch page, coming soon page, and the likes. It is a contender when it comes to high converting marketing pages. Yes…WP Profit Builder is a new Drag & Drop Marketing Site Creation System that lets you easily create high-converting lead pages, sales pages, member portals and other guru level marketing pages. Basically, it is a WordPress Plugin that is pre-loaded with some great marketing features and can be installed to work with any theme. The team behind profit builder additionally offer a theme that can add in more power to the core software.

What is Profit Builder 2.0?  What is WP Profit Builder 2.0 and What Does it Do? Profit Builder is a tool supporting us to create landing pages with many advanced functions to create effects and things. It is a landing page builder / squeeze page creator. It is a kind of drag and drop software that is most suitable for newbies who may not get familiar with online marketing. That may not sound too exciting but it plays a vital role in successful online marketing campaigns. The creator, Sean Donahoe, is a very well-known internet marketing guru that has mastered the science of getting the most out of every web page on a site.

Some of the ProfitBuilder 2.0 features include:

  • 100+ killer marketing pages pre-designed to bring in leads and sales
  • Very simple drag-and-drop builder
  • Easy to set-up (takes just minutes)
  • Works with any wordpress site
  • No coding or technical skills required
  • 100% responsive & mobile friendly
  • NOT a monthly fee like most of the closest competitors (HUGE selling point for me!)

WP Profit Builder 2 Features

Here are some of the types of landing/squeeze pages you can build with Profit Builder 2.0 : Opt-in Pages ; Buy Now Templates ; eCourse Signups ; Sales Letters ; Membership Portals; Webinar Registrations ; Product Launches ; Placeholders ; Bonuses and Upsells ; Reviews & Testimonials ; Joint Venture (JV) Pages; eCommerce Sites; Training Series ; Social Gates ; About the Team ; and MUCH more!

How Does WP Profit Builder 2.0 Work?

WP Profitbuilder 2 is a Plugin, so it is very simple to install, as simple as a WordPress plugin to install;  that adds an intuitive design interface to create any type of landing page you need.  If you can’t design landing pages it comes packed with over 100 templates that can suit any of your needs.  The templates included in the Profit Builder 2.0 software have been created by internet marketing professionals with designs that have proven to convert.

Profit Builder 2.0 provides a simple interface that anyone can use to landing any pages they want. If you are not so proficient at designing templates. Profit Builder 2.0 comes with more than 100 pre-designed for you to consider. These templates are created by professional marketers around the world, so you don’t have to worry about its effectiveness. That is how Profit Builder 2.0 is designed primarily for beginners. With just drags and drops, pre-designed templates and many done things, users just need to get access to the software, choose the templates, customize it just as how they want and they will have a perfect landing page in just a couple of minutes.

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What Kind of Landing Pages Can You Create with Profit Builder 2.0?

They have almost all templates for anything you can think of.  These are templates that are proven to convert traffic into opt-ins and sales.  There is no reason to recreate the wheel by trying to figure out the best layout because the templates cover it all.  Of course you can design your own landing pages from scratch with the simple drag and drop interface.  Here is what you can build with Profit Builder : Optin Pages ; Sales Pages ;  Membership Portals; Webinar Signup Pages ; Product Launch Pages;            Coming Soon Pages;    Bonus Pages; Upsell Pages ;  Review Pages; JV Pages ; ECommerce Sites ; Training Series Websites ; Social Gates ;   and  About Me Pages.

Here are some types of marketing pages you can make using Profit Builder:

  • Opt-in/Lead generation pages. You probably agree that the real dough is in the list and appreciate the power of email marketing. With Profit builder you can create professional lead capture and opt-in pages that can attract your visitors and grow your email lists.
  • Webinar Pages . You can create webinar pages and leverage the power of marketing online events. With webinars you have the potential to reach a large target audience and grow your business.
  • Authority Blogs. This plugin can help you create high quality pages on your blog that will enhance your authority.
  • Sales pages. If you’re selling products on your site, you can use profit builder to create high-converting sales pages to attract visitors and make them buy your products.
  • JV pages. If you have your own products and are looking for partners and affiliates to help you promote, Profit builder can help you easily create the JV pages.
  • About me pages. You can also create about me pages. About me pages are vital for communicating your values, business, personality, and strengthening your connection with your visitors.
  • Review pages. If you’re an affiliate, product reviews are great for boosting your commissions. With Profit builder you can easily create in-depth product reviews for your site.

Here Some of the features of WP Profit Builder 2?

  • WP Profit Builder 2allows you to create any kind of webpages you like. You can choose in the extensive template library, which is by the way has more than 60 different templates layout. You can also create from scratch.
  • It comes with an easy to navigate drag and drop builder. Hence, creating the layout you want is easy. You don’t necessarily need to change the WordPress theme you chosen. As mentioned above, there is an already available theme which you can use for free.
  • Creating a page is easy with just a click of a button. Just name your page and save as a draft. Click the WP Profit Builder button in the WordPress visual editor. You will see all available options and be able to control all the elements.
  • WP Profit builder 2 has its own settings page. It is where you can access the extensive layout gallery. If you like, you can easily download your chosen pre-made layouts. You can also customize to give your page a truly unique look.
  • WP Profit Builder 2 enables you to customize your page’s background image. You can even have a video background. There are a lot of available options for you to try on. There is no limit to what you can do to your page.

Here a new and Improved In WP Profit Builder 2.0 ?

  • Rapid Funnel Builder : Quickly and Easily Create High-Powered Funnels For Lead Generation, Sales, Webinars and More
  • Dynamic Split Testing System : Maximize Your Page and Funnel Conversions with Intelligent and Adaptive Split Testing
  • Conversion Tracking System: Track Your Conversions, Profits and Campaign Success Quickly and Easily With ProfitBuilder
  • Revamped Freeflow UI: New FreeFlow UI was Rebuilt From the Ground Up to Be More Powerful, Intuitive and Flexible
  • New Revisions System : Jump Back In Time To Any Previous or AutoSaved Version of a Page In Just a Couple of Clicks
  • Over 100+ Optimized Templates: Over 100 High-Converting, Mobile Optimized Landing Pages for Lead Gen, Sales, Webinars and More
  • Mobile Responsive: Fully Customize and Optimize Your Marketing Pages to Look Awesome on Any Mobile Device
  • Smart Speed Boosting: A Slow Page Converts No-One. We Are Obsessed with Performance And Optimize Everything for Speed
  • Improved ECommerce Support: Tap In to The $2.3 Trillion Ecommerce Industry With ProfitBuilder’s Improved Support for WooCommerce

For More Info Find Here  or Visit Official Website

Why Should You Use It?

Profit Buider 2.0 is a really good start for beginners who may not know exactly what landing pages is. Everything from A to Z has been pre-designed or given detailed instruction for you to get your work done.If you not so fluent with designing stuff. Usually, it takes you a week to find out everything you need to do with landing pages. With Profit Builder 2.0 You can get more work done in a shorter period of time. You just need a couple of hour. Profit Builder do all the hard work for you. Oh ya..I almost forget this point. If you are not in favour of pre-designed templates, you can use Profit Builder 2.0 to create your own templates. Profit Builder 2.0 gives you many tools to make your pages stunning and impressive.

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Prices & How to Buy It?

Profit Builder 2.0 is available with a price from $47 to $67- a one-time fee. In addition, it also comes with a few other versions :

Sean also gives you a 30 days money back guarantee if the software does not work as how you expect. Just email him and ask for a refund, no further questions!