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By harmen batubara

John Chow said thru his email, If you don’t take advantage of this then I don’t know what to tell you. ShoeMoney has an amazing FREE program to actually pay users as they build their money making website and the ShoeMoney Network  just crossed 100,000 users!  Because of PayPal restrictions of paying out $25,000 a day,  normally you get put into a waiting period because Shoe wants to make sure all the students get paid via PayPal in real-time.

Since the launch Shoe has consistently improved the site with more cutting edge content, a new layout,  and even started doing live webinars where you can ask him anything! The site now has over 100,000 active students and the webinars are always packed. If you have not already signed up go here now to check it out. Just google online about the ShoeMoney Network and you will see nothing but rave reviews.

Joint and Sign Up Here

Here is the general layout of how it works:

  • He walks you through building your site with ready made templates.
  • He shows you how to point and click to make your site mobile and social friendly.
  • He walks you through getting your email list going.
  • He walks you through building your Facebook page.
  • He teaches you how to monetize the site with Google Adsense, affiliate, and various other revenue streams.
  • Here is a small example of what you end up with after the initial levels:
  • You have a website where he teaches you how to write money generating articles using Shoe’s ninja copywriting review templates.
  • The content is published automatically to your social media accounts which drives users to your site.
  • Your content is automatically emailed out to your email subscribers which drives them to your site.
  • This is the primary foundation and cycle which I use here at over time to get me to earning a 7 figure income.

Users come from email subscribe to your social media, users come from social media subscribe to your email list,  users from your email list and blog you monetize.  Its a amazing circle that grows and grows your traffic and money in your pockets.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Shoe also,  in addition to paying you to do the tasks to build your site, funds your first advertising campaign.  No joke!  Ready to sign up yet?

Here is where you need to go. Shoe also has courses inside the network to learn how to drive FREE traffic to your site and there is TONS of these.

The Pinterest and YouTube tutorials alone are amazing.  They blew me away with the results. In particular I had no idea the secrets to Pinterest and how to utilize it on getting free traffic.

You owe it to yourself to check out Shoe’s new system.  Its free, it pays you to do tasks, and it has some of the best content I have ever seen.

What I didn’t like about the program

All the John suggestion was right! But I still try to find out what the other guy think about the Shoe. So with this article, I am going to state upfront what they  did not like about the program. Yes, they believe the program does work after entering it through theirself, but there are some flaws to it.

 What’s the niche? As the lessons goes in order, you actually proceed to the next step once you finish the previous. The course went from web hosting, installing themes and plugins and straight to writing content.

You would realized something was missing. The niche! I’m guessing the newbies that are new to Internet marketing must be like ‘What do I even write at all at this point?’ or ‘What topic am I suppose to write about?’. The video does not talk anything about selecting a niche, which is quite important in their opinion.

If there was a video that talks about niche selecting, you can narrow down to the topic you want to write on, such as Food, Gardening, Travel, or basically write something you are passionate in. Then you are ready to actually write the first post.

How do you write the content?

The lesson on content writing basically just describes how to write a post, and how to SEO your post better. However, there is no information on how to write it, or a format that you can use to structure your posts better. The only thing provided was at the bottom where there are only 4 links to various content ideas or what you can write your post about.

I believe as this program is for newbies, there needs to be more clarity on this section such as learning how to write a proper post that is presentable. How to space out paragraphs, how to use pictures, and ways to make readability of a blog post better which improves the overall reader experience.

Lesson moves too fast This could be a good and a bad thing as well. Good because if you are a quick learner and can put everything into perspective, you get to implement something new things to your website quickly. Or it could be also bad because it confuses the heck out of any newbies since you are jumping from one topic to another topic quickly without having a solid foundation of the basics, such as writing proper content or even managing a website properly.

Still Valuable for Newbie However, I believe that whatever being taught on the Shoemaker website is really helpful for newbies to know how the pros make money online (With things such as making Autorespondors and setting up a Facebook page). There could be a lot more content covered for each topic in my opinion too.

Shoemaker HelpThere isn’t as much support when you are using the program. All I could find was this box that could direct your question to him (or his team of people) to help you with any questions that you need.

There are no forums, FAQs or even email listed that you could content except for this box where you can ask any questions that you may have. I feel that more support could be provided, such as a Facebook community for Shoemoney or something. This is also great as the older members can also help out the newer members of the program who may have some questions that the older members can answer. But ones again it is good to take action than nothing and it is really free.

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