Wealthy Affiliate a Great Place to Start Making Money Online

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Should I Join it Or Forget About It?

By George Simpson
Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the most talked about internet marketing training programs available today. It has thousands of members, many of whom have been members for many months and even years. In this article I would like to provide a brief overview of what Wealthy Affiliate is as well as sharing with you my own experience of finding Wealthy Affiliate to be a great learning resource for anyone wanting to excel at internet marketing. So, what is Wealthy Affiliate? In simple terms it is a website that teaches you how to make an income online using both free and paid techniques. It will teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing, whether you are an experienced marketer or whether you are a complete online beginner. There are all age ranges at Wealthy affiliate, from teenagers to senior citizens, all learning at their own pace.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are two guys in their twenties called Kyle and Carson, both highly successful and wealthy internet marketers in their own right. Their site will provide you with expert coaching, support, research and marketing tools to allow you to make serious money online. And they have created a really great site full of learning resources unequalled on the internet. There are too many features and resources at Wealthy Affiliate to detail them all but, in short, you will be benefiting from the following:


8 Week Action Plan; Research Center; Learning Center; Huge Selection of Guides and Tutorials; Free Web Hosting; Fantastic Members Only Form; One-on-One Coaching and Member Support; Site Rubix Website Builder; Website Templates; Turnkey Websites; Share Zone; Keyword Research Tool; Clickbank Research Tool; Keyword Lists; Google AdWords Support; Rapid Writer for Easy Article Writing; and WA Jobs (find jobs and advertise jobs)
So, Wealthy Affiliate offers a great feature-rich resource. However, a word of warning for those venturing into uncharted internet waters and wanting to look elsewhere. We all know the internet can be a dangerous place with loads of scams all waiting to take your hard-earned money. Anyone that tells you the internet is paved with riches and that you just have to sign up to some program to become an instant millionaire is on a different planet. It just isn’t going to happen.
Unfortunately for me, it took me some time to realise this and a long time after I had wasted a load of money on dubious schemes that looked great from the advertising blurb but delivered a big fat zero. Of course, I know that if you are anything like me you take any review you read with a healthy pinch of salt and go off and do your own thing. You might well do the same thing here and go off and experience some of these dodgy schemes yourself, but don’t say you weren’t warned. Anyway, the chances are you’ll be back at Wealthy Affiliate some time soon.
Often you have to experience the crazy schemes to realise that there is no dead cert easy way to internet riches. However, there is a sure-fire guaranteed way to learn how to build the skills to develop a long term online income, and that is Wealthy Affiliate and its internet marketing teaching. George Simpson is an internet marketer who has steadily built a passive online income. If you are interested in finding out more about Wealthy Affiliate and how to achieve success online then please click here for additional information Here.(Article Source: On July 06, 2009-

What Do Wealthy Affiliate Members Have to Say About It?

By Azhar Devaraj Victor
Thousands of Internet Marketers of all levels have benefited and are continuing to benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because they believe that the Wealthy Affiliate is the best online Internet Marketing make money resource available ever. Why do they consider it to be so? Their main comment is that it is the best because the Wealthy Affiliate provides everything that an Internet marketer needs to make money online.The other reason is affordability. Everything you need to make money in Internet Marketing for just one subscription at under $40 a month.
Everyday, more and more members are being added to the Wealthy Affiliate community because it has a very high success rate. The Internet Marketing make money tools and resources by themselves are excellent but the icing on the cake is that every member who needs it,receives personal support and coaching from Kyle and Carson. Support and assistance is taken to another level when there is a whole community of Wealthy Affiliate members, 21,935 at the time of writing, who are more than willing to help at the famed forum. In a review of comments from Wealthy Affiliate members, not a single negative comment was found whether it was made within WA or outside it. The following is small composite sample that has been put together based on what I have read from viewing hundreds of member comments.
The Wealthy Affiliate was found to be excellent and more than value for money. In fact it was seen as being given away rather cheaply. At just under $40 for everything that is needed to make money online, it was viewed as being underpriced. Some members had paid for Internet Marketing programs that cost as much as $1200 and all they got was bits and pieces of information. In terms of support, they were frustrated that the call centers were often manned by some kids dishing out generic Internet Marketing information.
The Wealthy Affiliate has been described as offering incredible value. The fact that it kept on getting better and better was stated as amazing. The Wealthy Affiliate Forum, Share Zone, Site Rubix Website Builder, Web Hosting, Rapid Writer, WA Spaces, Jobs, my Linker, Keyword Tool, Affiliates Programs and all the other resources were found to be invaluable. The latest Niche Q, niche marketing total solution was termed as unbelievable! Many members remarked that the Wealthy Affiliate was by far their best investment in Internet Marketing.
One other common comment mentions the time and money wasted on e-books, programs and get rich quick schemes and the regret of not having found WA years sooner. The unanimous view of members is that the Wealthy Affiliate delivers much more than expected. It was indeed refreshing to read of the actual experiences of Wealthy Affiliate members as it was reassuring to learn that there was indeed a program that could be trusted.

It is good that you have read what WA members have to say about it but it will be better if you can see for yourself why WA is the best online resource and all-in-one site for your Internet marketing success. Visit Wealthy Affiliate [] learn more and grab the best seller “Who Loves Money” as your special bonus when you join the Wealthy Affiliate using the special link to the Wealthy Affiliate given.
If ever you wanted to make money without having to spend money, Who Loves Money is just what you need. It covers the most revolutionary free and low-cost marketing techniques that Kyle & Carson, the founders and owners of the Wealthy Affiliate, have been using for years. From the “slow roller” technique to getting Google traffic for free, this guide has everything you need to become a success. Grab this great deal while the offer is still on. Who Loves Money costs $97 as a single purchase. Now and for a limited time, you can get it for free with the Wealthy Affiliate. (Article Source: February 07, 2009-

What Can Wealthy Affiliate Do For You?

By Jeffrey M
I have recently discovered a community of Internet marketers that was created by two young successful Internet marketers, Kyle and Carson. The 26 years old “Wealthy Affiliate” first created their site as a “keyword list builder” tool. After a few months, this keyword tool became a unique internet marketing community. The learning resources are very interesting. It goes from beginner, to medium and advance. You should start with the eight weeks action plan because everything if taught in order to get a successful start. They go step by step to make the beginners more at ease with the lessons. It is so well explained it is like holding you by the hand. Advanced Internet marketer don’t have to follow this action plan before getting started. You get access to many keyword tools as a keyword generator, keyword phrase builder, spy competition tool, niche finder tool, keyword research tool and much more.
If you have a hard time creating a website, you will really like “Site Rubix”. It is a professional and easy to use website creator, and it is exclusive to the Wealthy Affiliate members. Site Rubix allows you to create professional website in minutes by offering a very simple and easy to use program. Members also get free web hosting by joining. So you get all the Internet marketing tools and lessons to learn and apply everything you need. You also get an easy website builder tool and you get free hosting for your new website. Most services you would pay separately are all included for the members.
Last but not least, there is the forum. This has become the principal reason why people join Wealthy Affiliate. The information found in the threads of this forum is worth much more than every book you will ever buy, guarantee ! With such a huge group of people, this forum soon became an important source of information about every internet marketing topics possible. Always fresh and up to date, this is the section I spend the most time on. Imagine ten thousand people sharing every thing they know, from their best hits to the mistakes they have done. Because there are many advanced Internet marketers, it is not rare to see a post about a product launch or things like that before they were even announced to the potential customers. This is serious !

If you need solutions about how to avoid Google slap, S.E.O., landing page creation, AdWords optimization, article marketing and so much more, the forum alone would be enough to fulfill your needs. Plus the success story section is the best motivating support you can thing of. Wealthy Affiliate is the fastest growing Internet marketing community online. Consequently, about fifty new members join every day. Half of them are new to the Internet marketing world. This is why everyday, on the “general success” section of the forum, you can see many “first sale” posts.

I would like to really help you understand everything, but it seems like I can’t find the right words…I suggest you visit this website []. Everything is explained in details there. You might want to learn how to use water instead of gas ?Read More [] Article Source: March 01, 2008-
Jay Gumbs Said
All in all, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start when it comes to making money online. The great thing about it is that you can set up a free Starter account that gives you everything you need to get started. At least you can go and set up your profile and check out the site to see if it can help you. After 6 years at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve never gotten tired of telling people about the site. I hope you will join me so that we can make some money together.( My Wealthy Affiliate Review-February 23, 2013 by Jay Gumbs)

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