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What is Tumblr Paycation?

As you may know-Tumblr gets over 20 billion visitors per month and 120,000 new Tumblr blogs are created on the site every day. So Tumblr Paycation is a new step by step course that teaches you how to make a passive internet income by using Tumblr flat form. This course teaches you how to leverage this massive amount of free traffic to build a list and make an autopilot income. If you have never used Tumblr then this course will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to: Create an account; Build a tumblr blog; and add your opting form.

Tumblr Is Social Media at Its Best Even though Tumblr has been around for awhile now, it has really only recently come into its own. Tumblr Paycation has taken the next step to show you how it can be used as a great tool to help you to build your business far beyond anything that are being done today. Tumblr Paycation is simple, effective, and efficient and cheeps.

The course is newbie friendly you simply follow the step by step instructions (video and Pdf) and you can create multiple streams of income from any or several different niches with easily and to help you make money online. The idea is how to use the internal tumble features to drive huge amounts of traffic to your tumblr blog (where they will see your opting form) and use the list that you build using tumblr to create an automatic income on autopilot.

Tumblr Paycation is a 14 module video training that will show you step by step how to tap into tumblr and gain huge rewards. The developers also provide a bunch of tools and resources.

  • Module 1: Intro & overview of the methods used further.
  • Module 2: How to effectively use Tumblr Features
  • Module 3: Preparation steps and planning.
  • Module 4: Account creation and tweaking
  • Module 5: Installing a high converting theme
  • Module 6: Auto responders setup for list building;
  • Module 7: How to entice/bribe your visitor to sign up your list
  • Module 8: Getting content (just by sharing pictures)
  • Module 9: Getting followers
  • Module 10: Best monetization techniques: CPA, affiliate, Amazon, kindle…
  • Module 11: Tumblr Paycation – get paid while on vacations! I like this one!
  • Module 12: How to scale your tumblr business!
  • Module 13-14: Secret Monetization techniques for extra profits!

So this is the whole Tumblr Paycation course. We say that it works best for newbie to intermediate or advanced level of experience. Plus with low price and money back guarantee.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Tumblr for Your Business

amelBy Arnel Y Colar

Tumblr is a blogging platform recommended for e-commerce sites who want to excel in their business online. It is a one-of-a-kind blogging tool that merges blogging and social media, where rapid viral sharing can take place. So let’s see what the benefits of Tumblr are.

1. Tumblr is a great source of content. Use Tumblr as a research tool to get new ideas for your blog. Just browse to the different blogs offered and in a matter of minutes, you will find what you are looking for.

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2. Create curated content.Creating curated content is now easy thanks to Tumblr’s unique feature called re-blog. Read blogs that you find interesting and if it is worth mentioning, try pressing the re-blog button. Re-blog will also let you post your share to social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

3. Develop communities.Tumblr is built with social interaction in mind. Think of it as a blog merged with social media. You’ll find a lot of community related to your business or brand and getting people respond to you is a lot easier than in Facebook or Twitter.

4. Post mixed media.If you use social media, you can post images, videos, and links directly to Tumblr without the need to add any content.

5. Microblog.Tumblr allows you to share your posts quickly and easily with your social communities.

6. Post shorter in Tumblr.Tumblr is perfect for merchants who want to post quick content to their blog.

7. Tumblr is great for SEO.Tumblr is indexed, which means it has a lot of social sharing capabilities. It gives you the chance to obtain higher page rank back link and a great source of direct referral traffic.

8. You can track your progress.Unlike most blogging platforms, Tumblr lets you connect to your Google Analyttics account and track your progress. Tracking your progress helps identify your weakest points and focus more attention on your strong points.

9. Tumblr is free.WordPress can cost a lot of money to get started, but Tumblr has the necessary features to get a working blog for free.

10. Improve your business in Tumblr.Tumblr is home for a lot of niche blog. You’ll find a lot of the biggest bloggers in Tumblr and it is very easy to find friends that is why it is faster to develop business networks.

Tumblr is a growing blogging platform that you shouldn’t miss especially for your e-commerce site. Take advantage of its benefits and learn how to use it to promote your business or brand. Integgris is an e-commerce software solution dedicated to improving your e-commerce site. We offer social media, blogging, web design, and we offer a full-fledged e-commerce software. To learn more about Integgris, please visit the website.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Arnel_Y_Colar

Tumblr Paycation and How Best To Use It; Step by Step Presentation Transcript

With this Tumblr Paycation would help you build a real List of the most exciting things about Tumblr. As Tumblr you can build your list from inside Tumblr and get a lot of great people onboard that you can communicate with. Tumblr Paycation does exactly that fit for you and it easy to do. You’ll love the simple ways on how to use Tumblr facilities or resources and implemented to Tumblr Paycation and do what you’ve always wanted to do in your business.

The Way to Make It Work, it is really easy. There is no need long articles that you have to be written when you use Tumblr Paycation. This is not as we know as traditional work that we have to do, as it is as close to set and forget as it possibly can be. And, as a bonus, Tumblr Paycation can really help build your business as you imagine where you want to go and what your goals are.

You just need-Takes Action. As always the best solution is Take Action. Without acting on what you should be doing, of course, nothing happens. The best information in the world does nothing if you don’t take the steps to implement it. Tumblr Paycation is no different. While it’s Easy to use, you do have to USE it to see the right results. Remember Tumblr Paycation will not do the work for you, it won’t. You have

Get It Now… Take Action It’s time to get Tumblr Paycation and put it into action like I know you will. Tumblr is one of the better social networks out there and is becoming more and more popular every day. It’s time to take advantage of it and start moving ahead with your business the right way.

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