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Website Marketing Company as a writer reviews I want to write a review about Top Surfer that many marketer always said it as a great website. This website was recommended by Mike Hobbs. As we know Mike Hobbs is an internet marketing Guru. He recommended me to use this marketing website for my business. Top Surfer has been around since 2001. The site is eleven years old and I use top Surfer as my ads Flagship to advertise my internet businesses (I call it as Advertise Places in my Site). I do not have to say that this website has great advertising options. You can judge it by yourself but I really like this advertising site. 

Website Marketing Company 

As an online advertising platform, TopSurfer offers a number of innovative means of gathering a huge amount of traffic to any website you want. Adding to that is the fact that you can actually join the network for free to earn quick cash out of the traffic TopSurfer gives you and of the number of other websites you visit

You have the option to purchase advertising credits as well. TopSurfer offers low prices for you in this case. On the other hand, you can use your advertising credits by sharing your website to your fellow members, putting up banners and other ads in the TopSurfer network and newsletter, and by displaying your links all over the internet. offers many advertising solutions. For example, look at the following list of benefits. The website can help a business with internet marketing. The website has six ways to advertise a business. All of these are summarized as the six different ways to advertise through TopSurfer:

  • Solo Ads
  • Newsletter Ads
  • Link Impressions
  • Banner Exchange
  • Manual Hit Exchange
  • Auto-surf Exchange (optional only)

Solo ads, these marketing ads are offering an excellent way to market a business. At some point solo ads are inexpensive. When you sign up for the Wholesale membership you can buy ads for less. A solo ad is marketing your business by sent your ad to an audience of over 30,000 members.

Newsletter ads. These ads are a unique and simple way to advertise. They are also inexpensive advertisement. These ads are published every Wednesday morning. Yours ad are sent to all Top Surfer active members.

They also offer banner ads. These are a great way to advertise in a website. A business can get customers with these banner ads. They are colorful way to advertise a business. There are many banner ads available.

Link impressions are a Link with soma text and this is a neat way to advertise. A link is some text that links to a website of your choice. Impressions are used each time Top Surfer shows your link to someone. You are going to like link impressions for your business!

Hit exchange. With hit exchange you can add a website. Add a website from a list of sites that you want shown to others on the hit exchange. The results will amaze you! It is awesome!

TopSurfer Description

TopSurfer is an advertising membership program that allows members to earn advertising credits through participating in some site activities and through purchases. This program lets members exchange their credits for visits to their website through surfing, promotional links and banner advertising. Members can also recruit others to the program and earn credits and/or cash from their down lines’ activities.

TopSurfer is a Traffic Exchange site where users can surf and earn traffic credits to advertise their own site within the exchange. The site also pays users $0.02 for every 35 sites viewed if you use the money traffic bar. There is a 200 daily limit in place. Bingo surf and other bars may pay a lower amount of cash, or only pay in traffic credits. Depending on which bar you choose to surf with. You can use this site for the Solo-Ads. They have averages around 20 solo ads a day at $0.003 each. You can choose to read them on site, or via email. Whichever is easiest for you?

TopSurfer Detailed Overview

TopSurfer is an advertising membership program that allows members to earn advertising credits through participating in some site activities and through purchases. This program lets members exchange their credits for visits to their website through surfing, promotional links and banner advertising. Members can also recruit others to the program and earn credits and/or cash from their down lines’ activities.

TopSurfer works on a credit system. You join the program and you surf to earn credits or you purchase credits, and you can use those credits for different types of advertising. You can trade credits for visits to your website, banner advertising within the program and promotional emails to other members. They make it a little more interesting to surf for credits by allowing you to play games like solitaire or bingo while you do.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about the TopSurfer program is that there is a huge difference between free membership and paid membership. With a free membership you get 100 sign-up credits, you can surf for advertising credits and purchase advertising credits, and then use those credits for your own advertising within the program. You can earn advertising credits when your referrals surf as well. That’s the extent of what you can do.

With what the TopSurfer calls a “wholesale membership”, you get 1500 sign-up credits, credits toward placing an ad in the program newsletter and earn cash when your referrals upgrade to a paid membership or when they surf. You also get free website templates, discounts on extra credit purchases, some software programs and the ability to bribe members by offering them credits to join other programs that you belong to. Paid membership toTopSurfer is $10 per month, or you can get a discount by paying for a few months at a time. That price actually isn’t too bad if you want to get serious about using all that this program has to offer.

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Combining With Submission Works

See My Review about Submission Works last week here. So to promote your TopSurfer business and other online businesses, you should use Submission Works. It’s an advertising program that allows you to market your business to your target users. It can allow you to expose up to seven sites. If you want to promote your TopSurfer and make more recruits, you should use Submission Works. It’s effective when promoting your sites since it can expose your squeeze pages to make more signups for every opportunity that you wish to promote online.

If you will use Submission Works, you’ll have the chance to grow your online empire and make more money. It uses only the most effective online platforms such as newswires, press release sites, blogs, and websites. You can use Submission Works to ensure that you will get the exposure you’ll need. SW will also help you make more money and that’s for sure. Use Submission Works to promote your links online. Don’t hesitate to use Submission Works. It’s the best solution you will have to market anything online.

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TopSurfer Reputation 

TopSurfer falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to the popularity of traffic exchange programs. They do deliver in what they offer to people, but there are some problems that are brought up about the program. It’s nice that they offer games to play while people are surfing websites for credits, but that means there’s even less chance that these same people are actually looking at the websites. There are also complaints that the program website can be confusing to navigate. People who want to give this program a try might do well to test it at the free level for a while at first to see if they want to take it any further.

There’s no way to deny that both TopSurfer and Submission Works can effectively work together to elevate the stats of your internet advertising activities, especially when it comes to generating lots of traffic. TopSurfer is a good choice if you want to go for free membership to earn online income while promoting your and others’ websites.

However, what makes it not so preferable over Submission Works is the fact that you have to do the advertising tasks manually. That is why if your main goal is to generate tons of sales and commissions to the various websites you simultaneously promote online in just a few mouse clicks, Submission Works is the best option.

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