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by harmen batubara

What is Submission Works?

Submission Works is software that allows you to submit up to 7 urls at a time. You basically submit the urls of your websites or offers that you want to promote. You can promote Amazon, Clickbank offers or other products directly. The software then does the works of submitting your links to different traffic sites. From what I have heard the converting rate is very high. Your offers are exposed to people who are interested in that kind of offers.

So far, Submission Works seems to be doing its work and since it allows you to link directly to a sales page, you do not even need to have a website to utilize the software. This is very good since anyone can be able to use to make money online. There is nothing much you need to do apart from submitting your links. The system does the rest work for you.

What Warrior Forum Say

All the best and the warrior internet marketers are here. I have check out some of their reviews about the Submission Works and see how it goes. Upon searching them, you can find that many of those internet marketing gurus have agreed to the tons of benefits that they’re getting from this powerful software. They’re saying that they’ve lessened more than half the time they used to spend for online marketing. Many of these WARRIORS have shared their stories. I just pick up some of them.

“This ad site has been doing really well for me since I joined them just over 4 months ago…Their software promotes your links through a bunch of different advertising mediums…I’ve been personally trying to contact each one of the new members I’ve received through their service to try and find out how they found my programs. I have been told article marketing sites, social media, You Tube, and Google search engine most commonly.

The best part of this service I think is the fact that they research your links before sending traffic, so they can generate targeted visitors tailored toward your offers. I have been pleased with the results I’m seeing and plan to continue using them”.

Findings some interesting after 78 days using Submission Works:

1. I like the ability to promote 7 links simultaneously and the ability to change them up at any time; 2. I’m using 4 independent tracking systems to test the quality and uniqueness of the traffic and Submission Works passed with flying colors. The volume of traffic is increasing as well the longer I use this service; 3. I track my conversion rates of both leads and sales and the rate from Submission Works traffic far exceeded my expectations and far surpassed the conversion rates or similar advertising sites and services in my ad campaign; 4. Tech Support has been extremely helpful and quick in answering my 4 support tickets I have submitted thus far; and 5. I’ve tested a variety of offers and their traffic does indeed convert best with IM/Opportunity related offers (Carl Pearson)

Various review websites have discussed Submission Works and almost they all found the same. Many of them rank Submission Works high because of so many things. They are all glad to have discovered the benefits of this software. They’re all glad to share them among their readers.

Is Submission Works for You?

Undoubtedly, this powerful software is for you if….

  • You want to promote 7 links simultaneously and the ability to change them up at any time
  • You want to recover and end your suffering online marketing.
  • You want to get more benefit from your marketing effort.
  • You want to make real money online.
  • You want to expose your website to more than a million people in the internet.
  • And more….

My friend  have been using Submission Works for around a year now, and it is honestly no exaggeration when he say that this Submission Works system has completely changed he’s life. So if you wanted to make money as far as possible. This meant that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media was out of the question, that system needs time. As a result many marketers and also my friend spent countless thousands of dollars on generating traffic for their website through all the traffic programs they could find it. Of course, none of them worked. That was until he discovered Submission Works however.

Honestly, Submission Works is an absolutely fabulous system. If you haven’t used it, then you should absolutely try it, even for just one month. You will quickly realize that it is one of the best decisions that you have ever made.

The creator of this fantastic traffic generating software is Brandon Wheeler. He’s one of the best geeks that mankind has ever had. He’s helped thousands of internet marketers make money online with his wonderful invention. Those are some things you should know about the history of this fantastic software. Now, how does it work to help you, whether you’re a newbie or a professional internet marketer? You can benefit for using it in many ways.

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Joining was simple enough. Really nice to see a program with no countless OTO after OTO. They actually don’t ask for anything more than the monthly membership fee. They also don’t try to pitch you domains, hosting and additional support fees which is really nice as the software is hosted on the company’s servers. They do limit the amounts of certain types of links through something they call a “saturation checker” which makes sense. I was able to get a couple tracking links in and was able to verify unique IPS as well as a ton of unique referral sources (no boot traffic or pop under etc)

Something else you have to think about is whether or not they actually took time to give the program a chance or use it in the correct manner. Submission Works is incredibly easy to set up and get started with, but you can certainly achieve even greater results if you put in a little bit of tactic and effort with the affiliate links that you are promoting. For example, if you are promoting something that hundreds of thousands of other folks are, you are already limiting your chances of success, no matter how well Submission Works works. People get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again and will eventually just shut it out. You also need to make sure that all of your links are working, and that the copy on the page is something that is interesting.

How Much Money Does Submission Works Cost?

You can access the Submission Works software by paying a monthly fee. You pay $59.95 per month to be a member and use the software.  You can submit or change the URLS anytime, provided the total number of urls remain seven. You can see the Video Submission Works Here for more information.

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