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By harmen batubara

RCW Lightning by Sean Donahoe has been released and there’s been a lot of buzz around it as many internet marketers have been promoting it. No doubt you have seen their promotions and came here looking for reviews to see what Rapid Content Wizard Lightning all about.

What is Rapid Content Wizard Lightning?

Rapid Content Wizard is a very powerful desktop tool that can create Unlimited content for Life. Literally, in just a few clicks you can create content that is 90-100% unique using a technique called “Content Fusion”. This is a premium software that you can launch lots of  blogs and websites in a few minutes without thinking about the content. that’s right and that was impossible in the past, but it’s possible now.

If you have a blog, you might notice that it takes lots of time to create a single post or article, and the big problem is that you need more time to focus on your SEO.  With Rapid Content Wizard Lightning, all that will be created in a matter of seconds, all you have to do is selecting the keyword, you want to create the articles about and let the software do the hard work and build  you the content.

How Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Work

when it comes to content, you have options to add thumbnails, Flickr and Yahoo, Wikipedia content and images directly from your software interface with a click of a button. That’s amazing and make things looks professional in a short time. The software creates multiple paragraphs around your selected topic or keyword and you can just drag and drop the paragraphs that you want and add them in the text editor.

You can also add a YouTube video with by clicking the YouTube button at the top of the page and you will get all the YouTube videos that are talking about your keyword. That makes the Video directly related to your content at 100% and the software itself suggest you related keywords from the Google keyword database and that is what lots of people forget all the time.

The software is fully integrated with the Microsoft Word tools and you don’t need to edit your content anywhere else, the full system works in real-time in your Word document editor. As we all know that InfoGraphics becomes popular and great for websites, and that is what you get with this content builder software, it let you insert related InfoGraphics to you topics in real-time and that makes the content attractive and powerful.

Like Hiring Someone to Create High Quality Content

The good thing about RCW Lightning is that you don’t need to copy and paste your articles and content or even publish them manually. All you have to do is to connect the software to your WordPress blog or website, or a Facebook account you want and that’s can be a Facebook fan pages, Facebook groups or your personal account and the content will be published in real-time. You can schedule and let the software build content based in your selected topics and publish them automatically every period that you want. It’s like hiring someone to create high quality content for your website or Facebook page and publish regularly.

Verify your content with CopyScape

This is the part that more writer would like it ; A good article should be at least 70% unique in the eyes of Google and the other search engines and because RCW Lightning is powerful. The creator added an option to verify the content originality with CopyScape that’s the number one tools that let you know that. As we know, the score depends from an article to another, but in general, you get at least 81% and the software will highlight some repetitive phrase that everyone use. That’s normal and you can remove or modify those phrase to get a higher score. The software highlight in red the phrase that CopyScape see a duplicated around the web and you can remove them by clicking the button “remove Red Test” in the post viewer window.

Who can use Rapid Content Wizard Lightning?

I believe you will like it, this is a tool that let you create quality content and monetize it easily, but also, to create a copy as PDF file, plain text, a PLR or whatever you need. In this case, you don’t have to create separated works for the same topic. Instead of that, you have all in one solution and you can publish the content as a post and also as a PDF copy that you can send to directories to get back links if you want that.

The Rapid Content Wizard Lightning is rare software that a few people know about it and how to use it correctly, everyone can generate articles with other tools, but this one is different and build content and not generate it. Inside the software, you will notice additional tools such as “The Best Spinner” and the “Spinner Rewriter”. These tools are created to help you modify your content if you want exact phrase or nominations. There is another feature and it’s the “Backlink Energizer” or booster. You can find that option at the top of the software page and it let you publicize your articles instantly to all your social accounts and networks. There are special networks for that and you can just enable that function from the setting’s page.

RCW Lightning promises a lot and gives you a bunch of reasons why you should jump on it. First you really have to think about whether it’s something you can invest your money and time in. Keep in mind that any investment is risky and you can lose your money, regardless of what the advertising is promising you. Always try to see through hype.

They have packed this amazing software with more features than you could ever imagine to change the way customers work with content…. Here are a few features and benefits:

Create Unlimited High-Quality Content on Autopilot for ANY Site You Own; Drag and Drop Interface Allows Instant Selection of Quality Content; New Quality Algorithm Filters the Best Content for Easy Selection; 100% New Interface Including Built In Fully Functional Wordprocessor; Easily Generate Compelling Content in just a Few Simple Clicks; Create a FULL Campaign with Unlimited Content for your Site in Under 10 Seconds…

Add Articles, Videos, Amazon Products, ClickBank Products, InfoGraphics, Images and More…;Create PDFs, PLR Content, Word Documents, HTML Documents, or Plain Text; Automatically Spin any Content you like with “The Best Spinner” and “Spin Rewriter”; Promote Your Content as Soon as It’s Posted with our High-Power Content Marketing Boosters; Post Directly to Your WordPress Sites, Facebook Pages Automatically; Create PDFs From Any Article for Submission to Doc Share Sites…; Generate Unlimited Affiliate Incomes with Instant Monetization of Content…; Desktop Software Works on Any Modern PC or Mac with VMWare or Parallels; Full Campaign Manager Works in the Background Posting Content 24/7; Instantly Check Content Against CopyScape for Uniqueness; Target Content to Your Exact Niche with LSI Content and Keyword Targeting; Easily Preview Your Content and Edit for Fine Tuned Adjustments to Your Content; Fully Customizable Slider Controls so YOU can have Control Your Generated Content; Bulk Create Content for Future Use, Third Party Tools and More…

>For More Info Visit Official Website of Rapid Content Wizard Lighting<

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