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What is Plagiarism

In most of the cases, people shrug off their shoulders by taking plagiarism too lightly. A common perception of plagiarism is ‘copying another’s work or borrowing someone else’s original ideas’. However, terms like “copying” makes the offense look a little lighter. As per Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the word “Plagiarize” means the following: To steal and pass off (ideas/words) of others ; Using others’ production without proper citation; Committing a literary theft; Presenting someone’s ideas or product as something new.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, plagiarism is; “The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. So, plagiarism is blatant theft of ideas, words, or products of others. Some of the leading examples of plagiarism include the following: Copying a paper verbatim that is available in digital or printed form; Taking someone else’s work and presenting it as completely your own; Handing in or submitting the papers that you didn’t write actually; Using other author’s ideas, text, or work without proper citation; Paraphrasing; Failing to put a quotation mark on the quoted work; and  Copying more than a fair amount of words from some paragraph and rephrasing it as your own work. (if that is cited properly, will not be considered plagiarism).

Why Use An Online Plagiarism Checker?

When choosing an online plagiarism checker, you want different features depending on whether you’re a student, an instructor or a publisher. Students who want to double check their assignments for unintentional plagiarism need a service that will check their work against extensive databases of online and offline publications to protect them from submitting assignments with a plagiarism index of greater than 5 percent. Instructors and publishers need advanced plagiarism detection that can uncover subtle and hidden plagiarism that results from students or writers modifying the plagiarized material by replacing words with synonyms and other alterations that less-sophisticated finders often miss.studen

Plagiarism Checkers,  What To Look For.Plagiarism Checker X is one of the leading content scanning tools that helps you detect plagiarism in your documents, assignments, blogs and research papers. You can check your contents for originality before submitting them to teachers, editors, publishers or websites. When you import a document into the software, it scans and shows the percentage of text copied from various online sources, as well as, other documents within cross-comparison. Comparative studies have found that Plagiarism Checker X is comparatively faster and highly accurate as compared to alternatives. Users can check online plagiarism, compare multiple documents relative to each other, and check the content originality of their websites and blogs. Therefore, the software becomes the priority plagiarism detector for students, bloggers, teachers, webmasters, editors, and online publishers.

Install Plagiarism Checker X: Once you download the product on to your system, install the executable file on your operating system. In order to do this, a user will have to fill out a given form. There is no need to be technically much sound; as the installation step is very easy to do..

After Installation: Once you are done with the installation process, a small screen,  will show the ‘Limited Trial’ Version of the software. If you have a paid version of PlagiarismCheckerX, click on the ‘Enter Key’ section and paste your product key. Contrary to this, by clicking on ‘Buy Now’, you can go for a premium product subscription to enjoy a handful of features and unlimited content scanning facility.

When you open the application for the first time, you are required to load a new document. The entire content is displayed in the lower part of the main window, then the utility allows you to check the entire document, or only paragraphs and webpages. It takes few seconds to calculate and show you the percentage of the copied material along with the web sources. After the scanning process is finished, the utility prompts you with a small message box that allows you to open the report. This way, you can view the total number of identified sources and the copied words. Another feature that comes in handy is the ‘Side by Side Comparison’ option that allows you to swap your content between two windows and locate the copied content effortlessly.

The check process could hardly be any faster, and the results are presented in the clearest and the most intuitive way. The interface provided for offline plagiarism checking consists of a dual panel window that offers you a side-by-side view of both the source document and the document you want to check it against. One box is labeled as “original content” and the other as “alternate content”, and the position of the two panels in the screen is absolutely your choice – they are fully interchangeable, and their position will not interfere in the check results whatsoever. These results are shown in the form of words or portions of text highlighted in different colors, depending on the level of “density” each world or expression falls in (the number of occurrences of the same word or expression in both texts). This intuitive way of showing you the results lets you form a quick opinion about the amount of plagiarism at a glance.

The program will give you the precise percentage of duplicate content found, as well as the number of matches detected. You can save a copy of the results either as a CSV or an HTML file. As for the interface for the online check, Plagiarism Checker X provides you with a box where you can paste the text you need to check and allows you to choose between Google and Bing to perform the preliminary search. The program will search for pages that may contain your text or portions of it and will show you the URLs of the first 15 pages containing a significant number of occurrences. Each URL has a total number of matches and a percentage of duplicate content attached. You can export the results as an HTML file if needed. For me Plagiarism Checker X proves to be an effective solution when it comes to checking and identifying identical content inside multiple documents.

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