Optimize Press Review, Putting Together a Very Professional Websites

By harmen batubara

Darren Monroe said Optimize Press is the ultimate sales letter, product launch, membership, and squeeze page ever created so far. However it is not the different options but the “way” it is presented. Optimize Press is easily THE most powerful WordPress theme for putting together very professional and attractive looking websites within a few clicks of your mouse. Its point and click format makes creating custom squeeze pages, sales pages/letters, blog pages, membership sites, and launch pages as simple and quick as possible.

You could also never get wrong in setting up your sales pages with Optimize Press. You could set up your sales pages instantly by adding testimonial order, and content boxes, and selecting templates to set up your pages’ full width headers, logo and sidebars. You could also embed your Amazon S3, EZS3, Easy Video Player videos and the likes, or embed external videos from sites such as YouTube.

Optimize Press also supports your products’ pre-launch and launch needs by allowing you to create launch funnels, which can be integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. James Dyson, the creator of Optimize Press he was developed a new feature that could enhance your launch funnel by monitoring the visitors’ activity history. In this way, you could add an auto-direct and auto-response capability to your pages.

How does Optimize Press work?

Well for a start it is a Word Press theme so you simply add this to your Word Press and activate the theme ( not at Plugging) and then you can go to your pages by editing pages or adding new pages and the functions display on those pages. You can add short codes real easily from a drop down menu which then quickly adds to your html. This is really quick and easy to use. You can also choose from a range of different colors and styles of layouts.

What is included in Optimize Press?

Well basically it comes with all the graphics like buy now buttons, money back guarantee icons, check list icons, header graphics and anything else you will need to make your pages look like a real modern up to date looking landing page or squeeze page. You can easily integrate things like Face book comments and videos and anything else really easily.

What is also really great is that on the landing pages you can have like landing page 1 with your video and comments underneath and when users finished watching they opt in and then are able to watch video 2 and 3 on the following days; Squeeze Page Building System; Sales Letter & Offer Page Building System; Launch Builder System;  Add video to your pages with one click; Unique iPod & phone Video compatibility;  Short codes Sales Letter Elements;  Cross Browser Compatible; Built in SEO features; and  So Much More (This theme is full of incredible features!)

If you serious to make money online it is good for you to take this stuff as a new of your arsenal. You need this tool to make easier for you to manage your work. So here I will suggest you to get the Optimize Press and this is my strongest recommendation. If you’re looking to create any kind of sales funnel for your business, want to build a list, or create a membership site, Optimize Press has you covered.

Also in the general settings tab you can choose which pages on your site’s links are to be displayed in the footer of your site, you can choose hyperlink colors, add your Google analytics or any other tracking or custom CSS you’d like, and much more.

One of the coolest features of Optimize Press is that there is a section of its menu section called “Instant Pages” which gives you dozens of premade pages which you just have to click on to generate an instant page. This takes you directly to the “pages” tab of your WordPress account and you simply go in and make changes to the page as you like, adding your copy and other content like your custom title, meta description, and keywords for SEO purposes.

Additionally, from any page you can choose the basic template by choosing it from a drop down menu. You can view samples of each of the templates so that you can find the one which works best for you. There are dozens of squeeze pages, launch pages, sales pages/letters, membership pages/sites, and basic blog pages to choose from as I mentioned above, and it’s as simple as choosing the basic type of page you want, then finding the specific template which best meets your needs.

Whenever you’re tweaking a page, there are a staggering number of options and features which you can edit and change to give you the exact functionality that you’re looking for. You can even add hundreds of custom buttons and other graphics which you’ve likely seen on professional sales pages before which are accessible from your post/page dashboard. You click on the place within your post/page you want to add the button, click on the button icon, then choose from hundreds of graphics to instantly be put right on your page.

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