Need Web Hosting Service? And Why I Chose Hostgator

by Boan Tando  

Web hosting refers to providing space for storing the content of your website on a server. Any information requested on your website will be pulled from these servers. These servers can either be owned by you or can be leased. The mode of hosting can be either web pages or simply a file hosting space. In case of web pages, the server will hold the content required for your web pages. Every time a user requests/ loads the web page, the content loads into the page from this server. In case of a file Hosting server, you will be allowed to upload or store a file through File transfer protocol (FTP) into a certain storage location. The files will be stored in the server.

Based on the type of Hosting service used, there can be further categories in Web Hosting. This includes options like FREE HOSTING service, where the website can be hosted free, by many companies, usually supported by online advertisements or with limited options to work with the server or limited control functions. Another type is SHARED HOSTING service, where the same server will have data from different companies. The clients will be sharing the server resources, such as memory and processor. This works well for clients who do not have extensive web pages that will require a dedicated server and also who look for a cost-effective solution.

Trusted Name When It Comes To Website Hosting

The reason I choose HostGator is that they were the first one that came up when I did a search. That being said I did take the time to look at a couple of other hosting companies, the other ones on the first page of the search results, and this led me back to HostGator. The main reason that I chose them in the end WAS PRICE. HostGator offers rates that are quite a bit lower than the ones that were offered by their competitors. The good news is that HostGator offers a lot more than just cheap prices. The best thing that I have found about HostGator now that I have started to use them is that they make it very easy to build a website.

This has proved to be a great benefit since I really didn’t want to have to pay somebody to build my site for me. It has proved to be no problem; all I have to do is add my content to the templates they provide. They even make it possible to customize the templates so that I can add things like my company logo to the site.

The other ones I like HostGator is the high quality of service they provided makes the company a trusted and reliable name when it comes to website hosting. The fast-growing popularity of HostGator has helped it reach out to global customers from its base in Texas, USA. The company recently received citation from the prestigious Inc 5000 Awards. This is a proof that the company is really doing great service across the online media.

HostGator is a top provider of dedicated servers, reseller hosting, and site hosting services across the Internet. More than 2.5 million websites currently trust and rely on the company for their respective website hosting needs. Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator has been providing site host services to numerous companies and individuals, who need to build online presence to reach people and customers through the internet.

HostGator web hosting services come with up to 99.9% guarantee on uptime. In fact, the company even offers a 45-day refund or money-back guarantees if it fails to live up to its commitment to provide 99.9% uptime for the websites. No less than the chief executive officer of the company assures that the company would provide full guarantee. This is a clear indication of the company’s confidence in its ability to provide this advantage.

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Greater Storage and Bandwidth

HostGator web hosting is offering ample disk storage and bandwidth to make sure websites would be more than functional. At reasonable costs, you would be able to find and purchase packages that would facilitate greater flexibility for your online site. Greater disk storage would enable you to post and share more audio and video files in your site.

Another good feature of HostGator site hosting is its unlimited MySQL. Other hosting services could only allow for a limited volume of MySQL database. In HostGator, you could get unlimited MySQL database. That would be advantageous if you are intending to establish huge web application.

If you choose to use HostGator web hosting, your online site definitely would have more room for growth. The company offers dedicated, shared, and even reseller hosting services. To facilitate more growth for your website, VPS hosting plans are now offered as well. Such plans would enable your site to switch and upgrade easily as the need arises.

They Offer Full Of Tutorials

HostGator offers a number of excellent plans for people who do need them but I decided that it was not necessary in my case. I also decided that a virtual private server was not necessary; I am building just a small site for my business after all. Therefore I made the decision that I was going to go with shared hosting. This is what most people who use HostGator choose so it seemed like the best option for my needs.

At the time when looking for webhosting, one of the things that I wanted to make sure of when I was choosing a hosting company was that they had the tools that I needed to build a site. I really couldn’t afford to hire somebody to build it for me and I really don’t have the technical skills to do it myself without the assistance of site building tools. I this respect I am really glad that I chose HostGator as it has been by far the best feature they offer.

Building my website with HostGator proved to be very easy as they offer thousands of templates that I could choose from so I had lots of options as to how my site looked. Once I had selected the templates it was a simple matter of adding the content to them. Once this was done I was able to use the site builder tools that they offer to customize the site with my company logo and to put everything together. It was a very simple process to get my site up and running and I am very happy with the results.

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Besides the tools that I used to build my simple website HostGator offers a whole bunch of other tools that I had no use for and really don’t know how to use but which could certainly be important for other people. Things like being able to install WordPress with the click of a mouse or to be able manage a database are important features that I hope one day to learn how to use so that I can build a more advanced site.

One other feature that I really like about HostGator that really came in handy with all of the tutorials that they offer. If you ever get stuck there is almost certainly a tutorial that will help you to solve the problem. I have started using them to learn how to use the more advanced features that they use so that as my business grows I can expand my website and add new features to it.

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