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Everywhere are facebooker. You can’t get away from it, you turn on the TV and almost every product getting advertised has their own Facebook like/fan page, if this doesn’t tell you how big Facebook has become then nothing will. So it is no doubt and you know you should be using Facebook ‘like’ pages to build your online business but you don’t really know where to start.

It’s no secret that the online world is moving to Facebook and who can argue with it? With over 900 Million active users, Facebook is the most popular website on the globe, and every day hundreds of thousands buy products and services as a result of seeing them on Facebook. The more Facebook Fan Page Likes that You Get, The MORE Products that you will SELL, and, The MORE Money That You Will Make.

The Power of Face book like Page Software

Dave Nicholson & John Thornhill have come up with an amazing software product that simplifies creating Facebook Like pages.  Like Page Builder is a simple tool that allows people to create Facebook fan/like pages in a matter of minutes. Like Page Builder is a piece of software which allows businesses and individuals to create a Facebook fan/like page with minimum effort and time.

If you are newbie creating Facebook like pages can be a very time consuming task. With this piece of software it can be completed in a fraction of the time. The only action required is to fill in a few boxes with the content of a like page, click a few buttons and the page is created.  It really is as simple as that.

There are also step-by-step videos that teach exactly how to use the software to its maximum potential. Anyone who can read and write can create a fan/like page, regardless of skill level on a computer. This is huge help to those wishing to get on Facebook but don’t really have the skills to create a fan/like page on their own. With this software all of the complicated work is automated, reducing the time and effort required.

>>>Fisit the Official Website Facebook Like Builder Here<<<

The most impressive thing about this software is that it can be used to do something which no other software can do. It’s not a question of is Facebook a marketing tool, but more Facebook is where marketers need to be if they don’t want to be left behind!

First of all you get the Like Page Builder software that enables you to create a Facebook like page in a matter of seconds, using the very latest iframes technology Very Easily! You can literally just follow the step by step instructions and you’ll have your very own like page completely set up in a matter of minutes.

Let us give you a complete look at how you can call people to act on your pages and why you need to focus on getting people to take one specific action! Click the ‘like’ button. We show you how to use Like Page Builder to hide content on your fan pages until the page is ‘liked’. This is critical to your pages success as people must click ‘like’ to access your content and it’s this critical action that helps your page go viral all on its own across the entire Facebook network!


15 Tips for Getting More People to Like Your Facebook Page


By Garin P Kilpatrick

There are over three million active Facebook pages, and these pages are gaining millions of new fans every day. Yes, I just said fans.Although the button has changed from “Become a fan” to “Like,” the action of joining a brands page remains the same. Facebook pages are still fan pages. With Facebook’s announcement of The New Messaging there are more reasons to like Facebook, and Facebook pages, than ever.

I hope you enjoy this post about 50 Ways to Get More People to “Like” your Facebook Page, and if you do I would really appreciate it if you share these tips with your friends, and join the FacebookFlow fan page. Here are the tips:

1. Post a Status Update-Post a status update mentioning your Facebook page. Don’t be afraid to outright ask people to join your Facebook page. Ask and you shall receive. Give them a great reason why they should join, tell them news, or find a creative way to mention and link to your page.

2. Link to Your Page as a Place of Employment-The info box under profile pictures is being phased out, so now if you want an omnipotent link on your profile to your page you will need to list your Page under employment. Once you do this your Facebook Page will appear under your name on your Profile.

3. Offer an incentive for people to sign up-Using some static fbml you can create a dynamic Facebook landing page with a “reveal tab” that contains content that is visible only to fans of your page. The more valuable your incentive is, the more people will be compelled to click the “Like” button to access it.

Examples of exclusive content could be: An exclusive Video, an exclusive whitepaper/.pdf, exclusive pictures.Stay tuned to FacebookFlow. In one of our upcoming posts will explain how to set up a “reveal tab.” The image below shows different levels of increasing effectiveness for acquiring new fans.

Involve offers apps (and several of them are totally free) that make it easy to create a “Fan Gate” containing incentives, like a file or coupon, that will cause more people to “Like” your page.

4. Contact admins of groups related to your page-Groups are more powerful than pages in terms of their messaging ability. Pages send updates, but groups send messages directly to a users Facebook inbox, triggering an email alert. If you contact the admin of a Facebook group with some valuable content that adds value to their readers then this can help them nurture their community and help you build yours.

5. Get people to join your page via SMS-Send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan your username” OR “like yourusername” (without the quotes). This feature is ideal when you’re in front of a live audience.

6. Install a page Badge-Facebook Badges are a simple, yet effective way to link to your Facebook profile. Unlike widgets, badges are simply images, and will load much faster.

7. Install a Facebook “Like Box” into your site-Installing a “Like Box” is an excellent way to allow visitors to your site become fans without even leaving your page. The like box builder tool makes it easy to customize the size of your like box, the number of connections to display, and even the color scheme. Shown in the image below is the rarely used “dark” color scheme.

8. Use status tagging-Status tagging is a cool and fairly new feature of Facebook. This feature allows you to tag any page or person by entering the @ sign and then typing the name of the page or person you want to tag.

9. Suggest your page to friends-Use the “suggest to friends” feature of your page. Use this feature sparingly. Personally, I try to only invite people go my page once because I know it annoys me when multiple people invite me. If you have many friends you might want to consider using the “invite all” Google chrome extension, rather than clicking hundreds or thousands of times.

10. Install a Like Button into your site-Installing a like button allows visitors to like your page, and when they do this posts the their activity stream. This can send more traffic to your site and if you have a Facebook “Like Box” and other content promotion your fan page, since this will help you convert your visitors into fans.

11. Connect your page to Twitter-Facebook Page to Twitter Connecting your page to Twitter is an excellent way to convert your twitter followers into Facebook fans. Using this strategy will cause all of your posts to be sent to twitter, with a link back to the Facebook version of the post.

12. Get fans to upload and tag photos-If you host (or attend) an event with several of your fans take a bunch of pictures, post them to your page, and then ask your friends to tag themselves in the pictures. If you can get your fans to upload pictures to your page, or tag themselves in pictures you uploaded, this will post to their walls as well and will lead to additional traffic for you.

13. Install commenting on your landing page-This will allow people to comment on your page, even if they are not a fan. Any comments made can broadcast to news feeds and lead to more traffic to your page. Setting up Facebook commenting requires registering a Facebook application, so act on this tip with caution unless you are comfortable with code.

14. Leverage Traditional Media-Since Facebook is so widespread you can use any forms of traditional media and achieve results. Newspapers, Media Buys, Radio, and TV all work, but are often very costly. To maximize your promotion offer a free gift to those who join you page.

15. Newsletter promotion-If you do email marketing send a message to your subscribers letting them know about your fan page and consider including a link to your fan page in every email. For more awesome Facebook tips check out my Facebook Tips and Tricks [] blog and make sure to sign up for my Free 7 Day Facebook Tips eCourse as well!

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Ready Made High Quality like Page Graphics Package

There is no need to spend a fortune on a professional graphics designer as we have done this for you. These high quality graphics have been professionally designed and will help you set up a professional looking like page in seconds. It has been cleverly programmed so that as soon as someone hits the ‘Like’ button they are automatically taken to a page of the creator’s choice, this could be a page giving away a free gift such as a report.

The benefits from this simple, easy to use piece of software are enormous.
This software can be used by businesses who want to increase their online presence or brand awareness or by work at home moms that want to increase their fan base on Facebook. Instead of relying on a Facebook profile page to involve people with businesses it is now easier to create a like page, or fan page.

So you are Fully Protected 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. You are also protected by 2 months Funds Back Guarantee so your purchase is risk free and you are safe. In case you do not like this work, or for any other reason, you can ask for your Money back within8 Weeks and that is it – you receive a refund, no questions asked. Try the Like Page Builder! Risk-Free with this Secret Cheap Price More Products.

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