I’m A Nobody, How I Start Selling a Products!?

By harmen batubara

I remember having these exact thoughts when I first started out.“What makes me qualified to sell to anyone?”“Who on earth would ever buy from me? “ Maybe you’re having these same feeling too if you’re just getting started with your internet business. It’s normal to feel this way, but that’s not to say you should. Have you ever dreamed of selling a product online someday? Well, then you can now take the guesswork out of it as we show you simple, smart ways to start selling online and earn quick money. You don’t need to be the smartest, most successful, experienced person in your niche to start selling, or start a business.

Select the Product that Interests You Great:

One of the first things that you will need to do is to get access to a quality product that you can sell online. However, make sure the product is of a good quality and is associated with a reputed brand. Also ensure that the product is in line with your hobbies, interests and outlook in life. There is no point trying to sell auto parts when you like creative, crafty items. The whole purpose of selecting a product is to arrive at one which you are passionate about. Only then will you be able to sell it with clarity, vision and zeal.

You Need and Have a Website Developed

Assuming that you are not a web developer yourself, you should have your website professionally developed. Sure, there are a lot of books out there which promise that you can develop a website in under 24 hours worth of reading. Generally though, you have much higher expectations for your own website in how it should work and look. And so will your customers! Your website should be easy to read, manage, and the products should be easily purchased. This is a good recipe for a successful business. The problem is that it does require some upfront funding, but it is money that is spent very wisely if you have high hopes for your new ecommerce business.

Create a Sales Page:

Now that you have website and decided on the product of choice the next thing you will need is a sales page that talks about the product and lures customers to purchase it. The sales page should ideally have interesting usage of power words, call to action to entice customers to purchase as well as highlight the strategic benefits to the customer. Remember, when you create a sales page the idea is to think from the perspective of a customer and not how you perceive the brand.

Payment Options:

Once you have created a winning sales page with exciting content and visuals you need to have payment buttons placed on it. It is through this mechanism that your customers will make payment for the products you are selling. It is imperative that you have as many payment options as possible listed on your sales page. Why? The reason is that this way you are offering flexible payment terms to your customer which will in turn reap more sales for your business.

If you are stuck with just one single mode of payment you are essentially losing out on a large chunk of customers. While some customers prefer paying through options like PayPal others like to use their credit card while some other prefer check or even bank transfer options. If, for example, you are catering to customers abroad, many of them may have restricted access to options like check or bank transfer. In such cases a flexible set of payment options like Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. helps in widening your customer reach and this enhancing sales conversions for your business. Not only can you tap into new market territories you also are able to widen your customer base.

So there are just few steps to start selling your products online. However, when you have all these, you need to have a good merchant system that would allow you to add your products, provide you with payment buttons and manage all your sales from one place. One of the established merchant platforms to make a significant impact on website sales is Click2sell.EU ( Click2Sell allows you to sell products online and run your affiliate program. Get paid instantly, provide easy payment options for customers, deliver product immediately, recruit and manage affiliates.

Marking Your Service and Bringing Traffic To Your’s Website

You have to show to your clients the details (review) of your products because they can never touch it nor see it closely. You may want to give high quality close-up photographs as well as a good description of your product to help your customer ‘see’ its quality. Also consider how people can find your online store amidst the millions of websites on the internet.

There is an art to bringing traffic to a website, and without that, you will never be gaining traffic that you could convert into sales. The unsuccessful businesses on the internet are not failing just because they have a terrible owner or are neglecting to respond to emails, it is because they do not have anyone visiting their website in most cases. Keep in mind this and do your research on how to market your products and services when you open your doors. This is your challenge in online advertising. In this area, you have to be updated on what others are doing and what are the cost-effective ways to advertise and promote your products.

Don’t expect success to come overnight either. Lebron James didn’t get the MVP award his first year. He trains hard to improve. You should too. But you can still be in the game while you’re working on it. So if you’re reading this and are still on the fence about putting your product or service out there, just do it. Be brave and let it fly. See what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?

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