How to Start Your Business and Selling Online

By harmen batubara

For many businesses technology means cutting costs, improving process efficiency and getting close to your customers and suppliers. The internet has without doubt helped in achieving these goals, whether through online trading or intranets. It is no longer a question of “can I afford to use technology? Offers small businesses significant new revenue and cost saving benefits, but also integrating technology throughout the business. where do you start?… how do you start?… how much will it cost? How do you integrate it with the rest of your marketing and business strategy?

Before setting up your website, you need to establish what your objectives are for having a site, how it will fit in with your overall business objectives and how it will work as an integrated part of your business plan. You also need to ensure you have sufficient resources to meet any new demand you generate from your customers or suppliers.

Your site is your shop window – not just to the people who pass by your premises every day, but to the entire world. Think hard about the words you use: consider how you would normally talk to your customer base and adopt that tone of voice. For some businesses, this will be professional, even formal, whereas other businesses can afford to be more relaxed – even casual. Ensure your site is easy to navigate, with a clear menu bar on the side of each page taking you to any part of the site at any time and with high-visibility contact details. Complicated sites, which take ages to get to the information wanted, can exasperate users and make them give up.

 3 Fundamental Skills You Must Master

If you are wondering how to start an online business from scratch, there are 3 fundamental skills you must master. Without these skills, you will probably not be able to succeed online.

Learning How to Conduct Research. Regardless of what kind of business you are involved in, you need to sell something. The first thing you should do is to find out what people are buying. There is no point trying to sell something that no one wants to buy.In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is to skip the research phase. Research is extremely important. It can make or break your business.

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If you start out in the wrong direction by selling the wrong product, your will be facing a hard time especially if you have spent lots of time and money creating products that nobody are interested in buying. Fortunately, starting an online business comes with advantages. One advantage is that it is easy to conduct research and there is no need for you to spend any money to gather information about your market.

How to Conduct Your Own Market Research

Before undertaking a business venture, it is important for you to conduct your market research to guide you to better business decisions that will later be translated into profits and good business. Even if you already have an existing business and you want to do some changes, a market research can be very useful and may even be a must. Of course, having a good research on your market is important to identify the demands of your target market and learn their behavior, including their purchasing behavior and good market research also help you beat competitors as well.

Write down the objectives of your research. Know what you want to accomplish. Of course, goal-setting is very important in any endeavor as this will guide you throughout the course of your research and in studying the behavior of your target clients. Although you may have one big goal in doing this particular study, it is important to write down specific details as well.

Determine the right sample size of your research and make sure it is representative of your target market population. Of course, in any research, getting the correct sample size is one of the crucial part, or else, you will not get an accurate data and result for your research and you may just be wasting your time and resources with your research.

Choose research tools and techniques that will not only make everything convenient but also help you analyze your results fast and accurate. Keep in mind that your research results can help you outsmart competitors but if you are doing a research that takes time to finish, you may end up being outwitted by your competitors and your research results may just become a waste.

Market research is critical to any business, and one of the vital element in that is keyword research. Starting to advertise and promote your business without the data from this activity is like walking blindly backwards. You will not know who to sell to, what to sell, or what information to provide to your visitors and subscribers. This might look foolish to you, but this is how many people do business on the internet and why 97% of them never make a dime.

Finding a lucrative niche market through keyword research is the most important aspect of your business. Get this right and you could enjoy long term profitability and security, but getting it wrong will lead to much frustration from the lack of traffic and sales, and that could lead to major disaster.

Knowing How to Drive Traffic to Your Website. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. You can have the best website in the world but if you do not know how to drive targeted visitors to your website, you are not going to sell anything. If you want to know how to start an online business from scratch and you want to become successful eventually, you need to master at least one to two techniques of driving visitors to your website.

Here are some the strategies you can use to get that traffic.

First and foremost is Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, the practice of getting your site listed in the search engines under the organic results. Organic results are the unpaid or non sponsored results. It should come as no surprise the most important technique to drive traffic is SEO. Millions of searches are performed everyday using different keywords in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines. Having your website listed on the first page under keywords that correspond to your site or niche is the most esteemed outcome in the online world.

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The trick? Offer relevant content under many different keyword combinations that will please the Search Engines. At this point, in your pursuit of traffic, I would recommend going for lower competition keywords. Once you have the hang of SEO your site will start to be noted as an authority site making it easier for you to tackle keywords that have more competition.

You can take advantage of Google AdWords. This is paid advertising where Google places ads on other sites to promote your website or web visitors clicks on an ads on the Google search engine itself. If you’re short on the budget, you can also introduce your website in forums but just make sure that the forum you go into is related to what your website is all about. Make sure that you know where to find your target audience.

Web 2.0 sites such as Digg, Propeller and Reddit are also popular sites that can bring your website a ton of traffic if your content is good. Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Google video can deliver thousands of visitors to your website from just one video uploaded and it is certainly one of the best and easiest ways to get traffic.

A second approach to drive traffic to your website is Article Marketing. The great part about this method is it’s normally free and is completely in line with your SEO efforts. Meaning you are trying to get your content listed under a given keyword in the search engines. The difference? Instead of writing content directly for your own website, you write an article, submit it and hope to be published on an Article Directory’s site. This process allows you to utilize the Article Directory’s page rank and creates the all important backlinks to your site.

Since your website is most likely new, it does not have the reputation Search Engines look for when deciding where to place your site as a result. The more relevant content on a topic and backlinks you have the more the Search Engines believe your site is an authority on your given topic. Submitting to Article Directories allows you to use their popularity to get content listed faster. At the end of the article you can list your website in the reference box and hope people will click your link for further information.

Continuous, solid effort with SEO and Article Marketing will bring you traffic in no time. Remember there are no overnight results. Internet Marketers spend hours perfecting these methods. A good solid work ethic from you will be the last ingredient to successful marketing efforts.

Learning How to Build a Simple One Page Website. You need a website in order to become successful online. Fortunately, there is no need for you to learn how to build complicated website. All you need is some basic skill to set up a simple one page website known as the squeeze page.

Is it possible, you ask? Can you, the non-technical computer user, build your own Web page quickly and without the need to employ a team of graphic and web designers? Yes, you can! There are simple web page design systems that show even the most inexperienced users how to create professional looking web pages in minutes.

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The key component of any guide to web page design is education provided in a simple and easy to follow format. The guide introduces the would-be designer to simple web concepts and essential components of any professional-looking web site. Where do you get started though? Here’s some steps to create an easy, effective, simple website.

Step 1: Domain Name. Firstly you’re going to need a domain. As this is going to be your websites address it has to be a quality name that people can recognize. You may argue that most of the good domains have been taken by now, which is partially correct, however there are still plenty out there that no one has thought of yet. The best place to purchase your domain is Once you have purchased your domain, you can then move on to the next step.

Step 2: WebHosting. Next, you will be needing a hosting account / web space. This is where all the content and files of your site will be stored, to enable your site to be able to run. You will get your own control pane to be able to manage and edit your site as well as check how many visits you are getting and where the traffic is coming from. One of the best websites to get hosting is

Step 3: Content. Once you have both a domain and hosting you can focus on the content of your site. Look for a free site builder, or you can pay someone to build it for you. For the content, there are two ways you can go about doing it. First – Quantity, not quality. Now, do not get confused, by this do not mean write tonnes of boring writing to a really low standard. What I mean is that you can write fairly good content, articles etc, if you are planning to have many websites that each make similar small amounts per day.

Second –  Quality, not quantity. This is where you spend lots of time on your content, using SEO etc. This can be a make or break situation, if you put a lot of effort in and work hard to market your site, you can gain heavy amounts of profit from it.

Step 4: Making The Money. To make money as an affiliate on your site, banners is the obvious choice. Where to place them? Placing banners generally above the fold improves click through rate. Placing them on the left side is also effective. Placing them at the bottom of the page is most likely not going to be effective as a lot of people won’t stick around to visit the bottom of the page.

The other dominating way is text links. Write a piece of content about or involving a product, and at the end write a little signature followed by your affiliate link to the product.

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