How to Making Money Online with Facebook

By harmen batubara
If you want to make money through social media, then Facebook is definitely the place to start. It is the largest social network — and third most popular website — in the world. With billions of users, you’ll have no trouble finding an audience that will be interested in what you have to promote. In this posting, we’re going to look at specific tips you can apply to your Facebook marketing strategy to make money, as well as great resources that will help you make the best use of your time, inspire, and educate you so you can increase business revenue and/or personal income. As a marketers you can thought of all those millions of people who visit Facebook multiple times a day. How can you convert this traffic into cash? Think of Facebook as a place to market your products and services.

How It Works

The first step is to open an account, if you don’t already have one. Accounts are free and it takes just a few minutes. Setting up your Facebook page requires some time and thought. Your goal is to optimize your page, making it attractive to both your visitors and search engines. Because of its huge popularity, Facebook is the second most visited website after Google. This makes it an excellent platform for attracting the right customer to your online business. Facebook has very cost-effective ads that you can optimize to get high quality leads, enabling you to make money with a modest budget.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Be prepared to invest time and energy to build your Facebook audience. It won’t happen overnight. As you gradually attract fans, spend time learning about them and interacting with them. The more you understand about your visitors, the more you can figure out what interests them and what products and services they need.

Here Some Ways to Make Money

Sell advertising
Through advertising networks like Google AdSense, you can sell ad space on your Facebook page after attracting a large audience.

If you enjoy writing, start a blog with the goal of attracting your Facebook visitors to it. You can then convert these visitors into customers who will buy your products and services or engage in partnerships with you.

Direct sales
Do you sell physical or products, online or off? Here are some ways increase your sales using Facebook to turn your visitors and fans into paying customers.

Announce new products on your Facebook page and promote the post using the traditional Facebook Ads interface so you can target your post to the Facebook audiences most likely to buy.

Use the Custom Audience feature in the Facebook Ads Power Editor to target ads to your current customer base and mailing list to increase visibility for your new products.

Add a custom tab to your Facebook page that lets you sell directly on Facebook, or that guides your Facebook fans from your page to your online store.

Look for opportunities in relevant Facebook groups to promote your products. Start by joining groups where your target customers are active. Look for questions that can be answered with a mention of your product and answer them, preferably linking to your product’s landing page.

Comment on blogs using the Facebook Comments plugin that your customers regularly read. Either comment as your Facebook page or comment as your personal profile after you have connected your page to your profile under the employment section of your personal profile’s about tab. You will get a link to your Facebook page with either option. Look for posts that allow you to casually mention your products in the comment so people will have reason to click through to your page.

Update your cover photo with a photo or benefits list for your new / bestselling product. Make sure the photo’s description has a link to your product’s landing page so that when people click on the cover photo, they can easily click through to your landing page. You can also make a shortened URL for your landing page (something easy to type like as opposed to and add it to your cover photo or

Post affiliate links related to your products on your Facebook profile page. Through these links, Facebook visitors can purchase your products and buy from your online store. Better still, use Facebook to develop relationships with your visitors whom you can then convert into your customers or distributors of your products.

Facebook applications

If you want to make money directly off of Facebook, you will want to turn your Facebook page into a sales machine. Here are some apps that allow you to sell from your Facebook page or easily lead your Facebook fans to your online store.
Beetailer. Helps you import your existing online store into Facebook.

Show & Sell. Sell your products or services on Facebook with an easy-to-configure social mini-store.
Storefront Social. Enables businesses to showcase their products or services on their Facebook page.
ShopTab. One of the leading Facebook store applications.
Ecwid. Formerly Payvment, an embeddable centrally managed storefront that works on Facebook, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and additional platforms.
Integrations with Facebook. Facebook store applications and integrations for Shopify users.
StoreYa. Facebook store application and integration for Magento users.
Another way to encourage sales is by offering deals, coupons, and discounts. Here are some apps that make it easy to give your fans exclusives that will drive them to buy.

Deal Share. Create and launch a viral deal on your Facebook Page where you can set the number of registrations required to unlock a group discount.
Exclusive. Visitors unlock a “fan exclusive” download by sharing a wall post .
Fan Coupon. Convert visitors into fans of your Facebook page by rewarding them with an exclusive coupon or invitation to a special event.

Coupons & Vouchers. Create fan-only coupons with unique one per user custom coupon codes.
Deals. Require payment via Paypal to access an offer.
Group Deals. Create coupons that are available only after a certain number of people request the coupon.
Facebook Coupon App. Reward your fans and generate sales revenue with Facebook exclusive offers.
For businesses who just want leads, there are some apps that let Facebook visitors contact you for more information, without having to trust them to find your message button.
InlineVision Contact Form. Give fans an easy way to contact you with our Contact Form for Facebook and get the submissions delivered directly to your email Inbox.
Pagemodo Contact Form. A contact form is a quick and easy way for visitors and fans to contact you. They fill in information on your tab and you’ll get alerted with an email.
North Contact. North Contact is a free social CRM extension for North Social’s apps. Perfect for creating user forms, list management, as well as outbound emails and autoresponders.

The amazing thing is, that’s nothing compared with what’s about to come. FB made a new platform that’s going to revolutionize web advertising – and “it’s going to make Facebook an absolute more interesting for his customer”…

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