Find Best Affiliate and Niches to Earn Money In 2016

By harmen batubara

What Affiliate Programs are best for your business?

There is no thumb-rule for choosing an affiliate program, as what works for me, might not work for you. Though, there are few parameters you should consider which will help you to choose the perfect affiliate product to promote on your blog. It is important that you must select the product of affiliate program relevant to your blog niche. Like if you are having a blogging and WordPress blog, you can choose for Thesis Affiliate Program. You should analyze what kind of traffic you get and choose the affiliate program according to your visitors so that your visitors will be interested to purchase the product.

8 Best Affiliate Make Money

 Why visitors will purchase from your affiliate program if they are getting same products on other blogs too. Thus when you select product, make sure that you provide new products to your visitors so that they will be keen to purchase new and unique products from your blog. If affiliate program allows you to change the products then it is better to keepon changing products so that visitors will get something new to buy. One mistake most of affiliate marketers  doing is, they copy the product what others are promoting. This is a bad idea, as your blog will lack the freshness and uniqueness. Try to pick relevant affiliate product, which fits your niche, is awesome and very few people are promoting it.


5 Best Affiliate Programs That Make Your Business More Sexy…

It is very important to research about the affiliate programs before signing up. You should not register to any affiliate programs just because your friend suggested you for same. Know about their customer support and the mailing list. These things are generally ignored while choosing affiliate programs but these are very important. Choosing affiliate programs are very important thus you must choose them wisely.

Best Tool For Your Small Business

Future Product Releases – A Gold Mine

Affiliate marketing, if done correctly, can be a gold mine. This is what you need to do. Identify a HOT product niche that is going to capture the market by storm, and jump on it right away before anyone else does it.

Identify a Hot Niche, Here’s the simple 3-step formula:

Step 1: Go Where the Money Is. Find what’s selling well online already.

Step 2: Assess Potential Customer Market Size.  Research the niche topics’ monthly organic search volume.

Step 3: Assess Search Engine Competition. Research your competition for ranking highly in the organic search rankings.

Again, identify a product that has not yet been released, but one the is going to blow the public away once it is released. Once it is about to be released, the producer of the product is going to spend countless hours, and huge sums of money marketing it. This is where you want to get in on the action.

Niche Navigator To Find Your Best  Market

There are many hot niches that will be very effective. Here are some you may want to consider:

Smart Phones and Tablets – Smart phones and tablets are updated once a year. This is the perfect month to research this. Watch this very closely and jump on new announcements before they launch.

Make Money Online Guides – This is a huge niche with many heavy hitters with massive launches. Google Sniper, Magic Submitter, and Taking Cash for Surveys, for example, would have been fantastic launch leverage targets. Google Sniper is still a fantastic launch because it has been re-launched. Click 4 Surveys is also a fantastic launch, and a very hot product.

Dating and Relationship Products – The niche has been very popular and new products are well planned out and highly promoted. There are 6 figure launches within this niche and you can capitalize on them if you catch one early. Meet Your Sweet is an excellent example, because it is a new product.

Self Help Guides – People buy tons of these products and are always looking for the best way to better themselves. Jump on this niche at the right time and you can make a nice profit from it.

Weight Loss and Fitness Programs – Weight loss, dieting or fitness are all very effective ways to jump into a launch. New products are constantly being introduced, and the traffic and profit potential are huge. This niche has been around for a long time, and will continue to be here for a longer time to come.

Gaming Consoles – Only released by a few manufacturers, they have a life span of 4-8 years. Launches don’t occur that often, which means there is a LOT of interest. People who bought review sites for the Nintendo  or Playstation 3 did very well.

How To Writing Best Contents That Sell

Create a Powerful Website

With the new changes that Google has made, there are four things you need to consider when building your website:

  • Content that will capture people’s attention and imagination
  • A good following based on popularity
  • Quality links from the Social Media websites
  • Long-tail key words

Of the three, Content is the most important. But, when you choose your Key Words, be very specific. For example, if your niche is TV’s, don’t use a broad term, such as, Samsung TV’s. Instead, use something specific, such as, The most popular Samsung TV’s. Then, create a website consisting of about 3 to 5 pages for this specific keyword phrase.

When you create your website, always create a landing page, and 2 or 3 support pages. Include images. More important, include one or more videos. You landing page has to be your best page. This is the most important because this is where you want to get your visitors. Next, you want to capitalize from the Social Media platform. This will take care of the second and third consideration mentioned above. This is where your site gains popularity. Of the Social Media sites, Pinterest is one of the most effective. As I told you once before, it’s very easy to get Pinterest followers. Stumble Upon and Reddit are also very good Social Media Sites. In fact, it you want to make a video go viral, Reddit is the best platform to do this. I’m going to post an article on this within the next few weeks.

Creating a content rich website with highly targeted, specific key words is a great way to generate lots of traffic. If you do this right, you will make a lot of money in doing so. Unlike a printed brochure, your website can continually evolve and improve through better content, easier navigation, greater functionality, and testing. Here are some tips for improving your site—and your customers’ experience with your site—by creating a more powerful and effective web presence.

How to Promote Your Website

  • Make it Easy for Your Customers to Access and Navigate Your Site
  • Your website’s user interface  should be simple, easy to navigate, and be UP-to date.
  • The colour schemes used for backgrounds and copy should be pleasant and easy to read.

Take into account web accessibility which ensures that those with vision impairment or dexterity challenges can use your site. This could be as simple as having an option to increase the size of the text on your website. Write your website content for your customers. Your content should be relevant, up-to-date, easy to read, and should convey how your products and services can be of benefit to your customers. Read more tips on web copywriting here.

Make sure to test your website with different types of Internet connections such as cable, ADSL, and modem to see if the pages load fast. Avoid using graphic-intensive images that slow your site down without providing useful information. Test your website with different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. You may be surprised how your web pages appear in different browsers.

How to Get Traffic to Your Business

Not everyone updates their browser to the latest version. It’s common that earlier versions of a browser will not properly show the content of your website. Design your website to be compatible across a wide variety of browsers and browser versions.

Test different functions on your site, such as checkout and registrations, with your customers. Ask someone to perform a specific task, and watch them to see how they fair. Do they struggle to make a purchase, or request information? Make sure the most important calls-to-action (e.g. “Buy Now” and “Contact Us”), are clearly visible on any web page.

Leverage Your Business

Research your market before introducing new products, services, or expanding to a new geographical region. Take advantage of online social media tools such asTwitter, Facebook, Yahoo Upcoming, and YouTube to market and raise your customers’ awareness about your products and services.You can also advertise online on different search engines. For example, Google AdWords lets you target ads to different geographical markets based on different keywords.

Your Website is an Extension of Your Brand. The experience your customers have on your website reflects on your business; a frustrating experience on your website can diminish your brand. Not only should you make sure your brand extends to your website, you should ensure your site is designed so your customers experience a productive and enjoyable visit.

With the power of leveraging, you can build 50 websites in a month. It’s great to build a $100 website yourself. However, with the power of leveraging, you can build 100 of these $100 websites in no time. This is the smart way to do affiliate marketing. At the beginning, work hard. Then, after you get everything set up, work smart.

More and more people expect to be able to interact with a company through its website. Your contact and customer service information, such as shipping and return policies, should be easy to find and understand.

You can also use your website to collect customers’ names and, with their permission, send periodic emails, eletters, or mail to promote your company. If you do collect customer data, be sure your website has a privacy policy and legal disclaimer. You might need to consult with an Internet or privacy lawyer to cover all regulatory aspects of your online business.

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