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By harmen batubara

You are probably heard about fact that over half of your traffic to your website, will actually leave your site within a few seconds and this traffic is just wasted, right? Thus, most times, once a visitor moves on it is wasted traffic.  You have lost not only the income that the visitor would have generated, but that of the others. The wasted traffic is a problem that needs to be addressed to avoid loss of income and to avoid future potential income capability. It is utmost important that you have be equipped to keep the traffic on your side otherwise, it is definitely a losing game.

Smart internet marketers know and use program to capture the exit traffic. Hence, for most internet marketers exit software like Exit Splash is an invaluable tool to capitalize on the age old idea “waste not wants not”.  From an online marketers point of view this product is very useful. Exit Splash can be installed to your web page, site or blog to maximize on the traffic that comes by. Exit Splash will help to minimize the wasted traffic and this will in turn pay off on all your efforts you put into making the site, marketing and attracting the visitors in the first place. With Exit Splash, this can be done with so much ease.

Exit Splash – How It Works

So imagine that you have website and visitor will try to leave your page without purchasing; with exit splash you have another chance to monetize this traffic and offer them for example free report in exchange of their email; so you can sell them your product later. But it is only about how you will go to use Exit Splash on your website. Anyway in other words you will make more money for sure if you decide to monetize leaving traffic, no matter if it will be seo traffic, paid traffic or even direct traffic.

Technically Exit Splash takes the visitor who is leaving the website or blog to another web page and a special message box that could typically read as “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO EXIT THIS PAGE”, or “THERE IS A SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU BEFORE LEAVING”   and thus offer the best at the last. The exit pop ups on your site will provide incentives which will make the visitor make quick decision to stay on or even buy. The special dialogue box can offer you a special discount or buy one get one free offers, or any other bonus material.

What You Really Get Via Exit Splash

  1. The main Exit Splash script.
  2. Extra scripts for your exit page e.g. the Viral Twitter Box script and the Suggestion Box script.
  3. Case studies and tips on how to get confidential conversions.
  4. Video tutorials on how to use the scripts properly.
  5. Several integrated features that increase the stick rate for your exit page, like a pre-warning window, an impact image, and impact audio messages.
  6. And much more bonuses.

The creator of this software Dave Guindon offers an amazing money back guaranteeand you only pay once, no monthly charges and the are the 3 most incredible features of exit splash as promised by Dave and he delivers:

IMPACT ALERT MESSAGE. This message will pop up FIRST and provide a customizable message to your visitor to instruct them about how to click the next message to stay on your site. This helps ensure that they understand which button to click to make sure they stay instead of leaving, and eliminates the problem of them clicking away without reading your message.

IMPACT IMAGE. You can programmed the Exit Splash program to display an optional image above the splash box, along with a customizable background color. It gives your visitor a visual representation of WHERE to click so they know how to stay on your site.

IMPACT AUDIO. Similarly, you may choose to play an audio message when the splash pop-up appears. The audio instructs them what to do. In other words, it tells them how to stay on the site so they can get a discount, a free gift, or whatever your Exit Splash page is offering.

The Exit Splash is powerful software that you upload to your site that will allow you to redirect your visitors exiting to a special web page- “Exit Splash page” giving them an option to stay on for more.Some experiences reveal that Exit Splash can increase your sales by 30%. Here the clue Michael Jones upon using the Exit Splash and he claims that there is an increase of 300% of sign ups and within the first week.

 Exit Splash is software that you could use to encourage your visitors to convert their curiosity or interest into sales or subscribe. Or at least, the software will capture their interest enough to lure them to revisit the page again. This will not only convert traffic into sales but will give you leads. The programmed will enable you to make your visitors both serious as well as passer-by into loyal and repeat customers.

My Last Words about Exit Splash

If you want to increase your opting list, sales or leads EXIT SPLASH may be the right solution for you, just give it a try and if it will not work for you, you will receive your money back. Also remember that this is very popular tool among all internet marketers and there must be reason for that.Anyway I hope that this EXIT SPLASH REVIEW helped you to make the right decision for your business and also I hope that you found at least this Exit Splash review helpful and useful.

This is a pretty cool price ($29) considering the potential it has to generate more income especially for people who promote products online and to enhance affiliate commissions.  This simple yet powerful software will enable you to harness the exiting visitors without action with any tantalizing offers you have or could offer and make the most of   the traffic that comes by. Exit Splash would sure make 100% returns on the investment.

For More Info Visit The Exit Splash Official Website

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