Email Engage, Increase Your Sales Conversions

Email Engage, Increase Your Sales Conversions


Do you know that 91 per cent of US adults customer  like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business? Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers. We are constantly on the lookout for the exciting and innovative ways our customers are using email marketing to build customer relationships and do business better. There is a digital tool will help you to complete that work.

Email Engage, Increase Your Sales Conversions
Email Engage, Increase Your Sales Conversions

EmailEngage – What Is It?   EmailEngage is the brand new software that helps you to skyrocket clicks on email links. It’s named EmailEngage and what this tool could do was totally incredible. With EmailEngage, You can create personalization with my audience : Building Scarcity with Timers ; Creating Customer Personalization with Images and Video : and  learning valuable feedback in  customer base with exclusive email surveys

This push button 4-in-1 email app that boosts engagement, skyrocket clicks, make more sales and commissions and create urgency. EmailEngage is so incredible in that it combines 4 incredibly useful email marketing tools into one.

Unique Features of EmailEngage  Let us see what you can get ịn EmailEngage:

    • Being able to customize any video for email.
    • Personalize any image to be laser focused on your customer.
    • Done-for-you video customization for email.
    • Build scarcity with enticing timers.
    • Scarcity building systems using timers.
    • Uniquely engage with customers using our EXCLUSIVE custom email surveys.
    • Work with both mobile and desktop inboxes flawlessly.
    • It is so easy that people do not need any promo email creation experience at all.
  • It is 100% compatible with PC and MAC.

Now we are going to show you the Feature of the Email Engage to help you understand everything about Email Engage.


bhusido code
bhusido code

In the main dashboard of EmailEngage:  There are 4 modules inside EmailEngage, including: EmailTimer, EmailVideo, EmailImage, and EmailSurvey.

1/EmailTimer:  The main dashboard of this module:  This module allows you to put the timer into your email campaign. This timer creates scarcity and push the customers take action.  You only need to customize your timer.  You have 4 links for your emailtimer and you only need to copy and paste it into your email campaign. It includes:

+Image URL:  +Email Without Click Through Link ; +Email With Click Through Link ; and +Code for your website

2/EmailVideo: This module allows you to insert a video into your email campaign. Personally, I really like this type of email.  I think you already  some marketers emailed you with this emailvideo, and I believe it increases clicking rate in the email marketing. You only need to copy the line code and paste it into your email campaign.

3/EmailImage:  This module helps you personalize your email campaign, and it increases the clicking rate for the email campaign. You can connect EmailEngage with your autoresponder, and once the client receives your email, the will enjoy it. EmailEnage supports these autoresponders : SendLane, Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, iContact, Constant Contact.

4/EmailSurvey:  This module allows you to insert a survey image into the email campaign. That’s strange but it’s real in this case. There are 3 kinds of surveys for you here: Try to choose option 1, and you only need to customize your survey And NEXT you have to insert your link for each answer And Done. Now you can copy embed code to insert into your email campaign.

EmailEngage – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easily get unique content
  • Nothing to install or download
  • No technical or experience requirement
  • Work as you want
  • Fast and friendly


  • Not any.

EmailEngage is very useful and recommend it for all of us. Now, email marketing is not a problem we worry. With This Email Engage It solves all issues with some click, and we do not need technical skills. It is the rare chance for us to take such an incredible product with a bargain. After the launch date, the price will increase. Moreover, you have the 30-day money back guarantee that ensures your INVESTMENT IS RISK-FREE.

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