Curation Soft 3.0,Like Having a Pro Blog Editor at Your Own Dasboard

By harmen batubara

What is CurationSoft?

Almost all of blogger do the same thing, and if you have done any of that work before, you should know that doing so has many benefits, but is also very time consuming. That’s mean; you can always scour your friend’s blogs, do a search, visit news sites or other trusted sources available to you. But then, there is the matter of putting them all together, by copying and pasting, editing, among other things.

You can find it in Wikipedia or another Dictionary and there will probably be more of articles out there that will give you definitions as to what curation or content curation is. In a simple manner lets me asking you a question. Have you ever created a “roundup”, “mash up” or some sort, or a “resource list” in your website or blog? But remembers not just scrapping it. In another word, choose a topic, research for the best articles out there, combine them into a post, publish, and share it to the world. That’s curating content! Bear in mind, that curating is one thing, and scrapping is another.

The Simple, Easy and Effective Way to Generate Content without the Writing

Well, that’s the story conventional blogger and it is over now. With CurationSoft, creating curate content has taken a different level. Think of it as your content creation assistant. Just think of a topic you want to curate, and CurationSoft will do the heavy lifting for you.

Actually this idea not new and just takes a look at the vast amount of websites that help curate content for you. You can try, Scoop. It, Bundlr and more. But remember there are big different think in between.  In that system you are curating content on their property and not on yours. The idea is to generate fresh content in your website that is relevant to your topic and are high authority and of great quality. After all, that is what content curation is all about.

CurationSoft publishes content directly on your property. It works on Word Press or other blog CMS without a middle man. It even works on Google+. Connecting what you curate to your site is obviously more advantageous than doing it on other sites. From now on I publish a weekly “roundup” and combine it with my idea for helping my reader and it has been doing well.

CurationSoft comes with two versions so I will share some of the pros and cons of both as we slide through the CurationSoft review.

Try The FREE version

CurationSoft does have a limited free version that you can use to test it out. With the new free version, you can grab loads of links and resources from popular blogs within your niche, and it cuts a lot of time off of finding and creating simple resource lists for your blog.

Simply fire up the software and enter your keywords to start browsing through all the most relevant blogs in your niche. It pulls from the Google Blog Search results, so it is showing the latest and greatest content on blogs in Google’s index. The down side to the free version is that it is limited to Google Blog Search, which gives you fewer resources that you can find in your niche. Some niches don’t even have any good blogs to curate from.

The Best or Full Version

Getting the full version of CurationSoft is the best way to go. Using it you would have found TONS of resources that you can use to add a lot more value to your list.  I have used it to create curation posts that my readers love, share awesome resources that I follow myself, and get people to like and socially share my posts, driving even more traffic to my blog.

Another advantage to the full version is all the resources you can pull content from. On top of searching Google Blogs, you can also find loads of resources that you can share using some popular sites like:

  •  Google News Curate the latest and hottest news feeds and press releases in your niche, with seconds of work!
  •  Twitter Find tweets on your topic and cool people that you can follow yourself, quick and easy integration
  •  Flickr Find great images without blowing your limited budget. But you can get loads of royalty free images with proper attribution links already in place, so that you can add them to your posts quickly and easily.
  •  YouTube Videos are an amazing thing to add to your site. With CurationSoft, you can Browse Hundreds of videos fast and easy. You can use it to find awesome videos and share them on your blogs without wasting time. Just a click.  You can even use it to post your OWN videos without messing with extra plugging.

Here’s a quick presentation of how CurationSoft works.

As you can see, that was relatively easy. Content curation can help a great deal with your online content.

  • Become recognized as an authority in your topic or niche
  • Get easily found by people & related influencers online
  • Keep your audience engaged with fresh content
  • Improve your SEO. And much more…

I love all the resources that I am able to find using CurationSoft’s easy to manage interface, and drag and drop function to add those resources to my new posts.

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