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By harmen batubara

If you are a newbie and as an affiliate marketer and you want to sell products online but you don’t know how to create Pro Marketing Websites that convert visitors into sales. Also want to make a websites look like Corporate-Style pages (like this very page), Squeeze pages, Sales pages, Real & Evergreen Product Launch pages, Thank You pages, Legal pages, and any kind of Landing pages. If that the problems, so here the solution you need a PT.Instant.

PT Instant is in a class all by it self because, although there are other WordPress plugins that can do similar functions, PT Instant stands ahead and shoulders above them because of features such as:
• The Facebook and regular email opt-in options hybrid (this is huge!)
• The ability to add other fields to the opt-in forms and not just name and email address.
• The unique backgrounds available that are nothing short of graphic design perfection (and the variety available)
• You must and absolutely love the “Corporate Style” Sales Page templates.

With this plugin it allows you to create pro marketing pages, just like the gurus do, taking only 2 minutes of your time. These pages aren’t just regular pages though, these are pages that are made to convert and sell!

everyone must know is how much effort is put by Welly and their Team to improve an already great product. Since its recent release, these guys have already made two upgrades/updates available with even more flexibility and great features than what was found in the original version. Plus, every time you’ve submitted a support ticket, you’ve always received a prompt response and all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. I have no problem recommending PT Instant to my fellow Internet Marketers because I know how much time and effort they’ll save to create high converting squeeze and sales pages.

So what is PT Instant?

PT Instant is a WordPress plugin that creates Pro Marketing Pages in 2 Minutes which has been created by Welly Mulia. To give you a little background information, Welly Mulia has been around the block. He is part of the well established business team at Get Profits Fast, who have created some of the best product in the internet marketing scene. To name a few they have produced products such as Profits Theme (a much used WordPress theme) and Premium List Magnet (you will actually see we use this plugin on our website which definitely helps us increase our optins to our email subscriber list.

With this plugin it allows you to create pro marketing pages, just like the gurus do, taking only 2 minutes of your time. These pages aren’t just regular pages though, these are pages that are made to convert and sell!. These pages will be fit for any device to view them be it Desktop PCs, Tablets, Smartphones – you name it these pages have been created with all devices in mind. All web pages created using this plugin are responsive – which means they will be viewable on all devices without the need to ever created multiple versions of your pages to cater for each device!,

PT Instant is a WordPress Plugin

Which allows you to create professional looking squeeze pages and sales pages. You’ll also be able to create bonus pages, thank you pages, and basically any type of page that you’re looking for in order to create a successful marketing funnel. Another benefit, is that if you want to find other software programs to create these types of pages, you would then have to install a new wordpress theme. Because PT Instant is only a plugin, you can keep your current theme and use PT Instant with it.
The New Feature That Only PT Instant Has

There’s a new feature that only PT Instant has. (that I’m aware of) ; This new feature is the “Smart Optin”; If a visitor is logged in to their Facebook account when they visit your page, the Facebook optin is presented and if they are not logged in, regular optin is displayed. Also, this plugin works with all of the most popular autoresponders; There are so many benefits, to this software that I didn’t cover in the video or this article, but I want you to check them out yourself by going to the PT Instant home page.

 Go Check Out PT Instant Now!

Wanting to see a list of features that you will get with PT Instant? Look below:
PT Isntant Plugin Is PACKED Full Of Features
Continue Using Your Favorite WordPress Theme
Corporate-Style Landing Page
Tablet & Smartphone Optimized
Smart Optin (4 Types Of Optin)
I Remember You Optin
Super-Easy-To-Use Split Testing
Time Delayed “Anything”
Full Background Elegant Mini Squeeze Page
Smart Countdown Timer
Pricing Table With “Popular” Stamp
Viral Access
Point n Click Easy, And Fast
Say No To Programming & Web Design
Drag n Drop Stupidly-Easy User Interface
Real & Evergreen Product Launch Gateway
Exit Traffic Redirect
Page Generator
1 Click Duplication
Real OTO Pages
Point n Click Marketing Graphics
The Multifaceted Collector
The Straight Talk
Instant Google Maps & QR Code
Tabbed Content
Elegant & Pro Marketing Pages That Convert
Add Videos Easily

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