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Blogging is all about choices; in blogging, you can choose to run with the crowd and be just another blog; or you can stand out from the crowd and be a lone voice. You are your perception. If you thing you nothing yes you are nothing. Yes Perception is the first principle of our life. Let take a look. Who are you? What do you do? If you get the right answer to these two questions; then you’ve on spot. Your perception is the reason why you do and don’t do things the normal way; your perception is the reason why you here and as you see I am not a blogger.  When building a blog, you can also choose to follow the norm; and achieve normal results or act unconventionally and achieve extraordinary results. The choice is yours to make. The limit is sky.

I am not a blogger” and I will never be because being a blogger limits my perception. I am an entrepreneur simply minding my business. My business is to provide information in an easy to understand format; in return for a profit. As John Chows says “ the bottom line is this: the way you see yourself and the way you think will greatly determine the heights you will attain. If you accept the conventional rule and call yourself a blogger, then you are”.

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