Click 4 Surveys, A Honest Third Party that Charges You to Make Money Online

By harmen batubara

What is Click 4 Surveys About?

Click 4 Surveys created by Daniel Cooper is one of the best paid survey websites. There’re neat and also organized and it also definitely makes all the experience pleasant and simple. In this chance you could make income from your home utilizing just your computer. This product is basically a third party, or middle-man, that charges you to connect you with surveys from other sites that are free to sign up for. If you do your research you can find ways to take surveys for free and get paid for them.

With Click 4 Surveys, You will get everywhere approximately $5 – $75 for each survey. Here’s the great thing: this is certainly available to anyone. All of you have got to perform is have your opinion; and You might also get reimbursed only to get involved with on-line concentrate groups and will get you around $150 per hour!

There are plenty of firms that pays you to certainly get involved in research, concentrate on teams,and product trials. They’re studying the market firms that are paid by huge companies to find out just what public feels with their products. If their marketing camppagns are operating and how everyday individuals feel about their products and services, they would like to know.

Earning profits within the paid study market is likely one of several easiest processes there’s. It’s possible to really make a couple hundred dollars every month by using info which will often take about 1 hour of your time to begin. Nothing is much better than having the capacity to succeed while experiencing the convenience and also quiet of your home. You may complete studies while you watching tv or even listening music. You may even complete studies when you’re talking online or even conversing with friends upon facebook. You may also look at that how much you will finish up paid before the survey! Under you’ll find an actual screen shot of one of those Research Panels. You only login,to pick the study, and get paid!

What Exactly Do You Get When You Purchase The Product?

When you purchase Click 4 Surveys you are given access to their membership area on their website. The membership area is pretty simple to navigate. There are seven pages you have access to: Introduction; Set Up Email ; Survey Database; Collect Earnings; Earning Tips ; Bonus ; and Elite Inner Circle. The Elite Inner Circle is an upsell to access further training information so you can become better at promoting their website as an affiliate.

What Kind Of Training Do They Offer?

As I mention before the training within Click 4 Surveys is not actually training regarding how to take surveys, but training on how to better promote Click 4 Surveys to others. You see, the primary focus of this product is not for you to make money by taking surveys, but for you to make money by becoming an affiliate and promoting the product to others. As an affiliate is still ok.

Who Is This Product For?

Click 4 Surveys is primarily for affiliate marketers looking to promote it to other individuals and profit off of their subscription fees. If you are looking for an honest way to take surveys and get compensated for doing so, this product is not the best for you!
As part of their business from their promotional material, you should be ready to face with upsells once you made the initial purchase. The interesting thing is that most of these upsells aren’t actually related to taking surveys at all, but rather training on how to promote the product to others, imagine if you are as an affiliate.
Click-4-Surveys-Review- like the other online business, they also continually reduce its price in order to get you to purchase their product. I do not like this approach. Actally people selling the product know how much it is worth, and won’t sell it for anything less than that. When they put an insanely high price out there, they are hoping to take advantage of your naivety and make you think their product is worth more than they know it is, but still up tp you to make a choice.
The training within Click 4 Surveys is actually pretty good for a couple of reasons:
For newbiew the training is necessary? May be you can argue, how hard is it to take surveys? Taking surveys is not really something you need training for…so how is this training relevant? For me this is still good for newbie.
It’s not relevant but very valuable if you are an affiliate. The training offered within the members section and through the upsells is primarily focused on turning you into an affiliate marketer to advertise Click 4 Surveys.

How Much Will It Cost You?

The initial offered price is a one time payment of $97 dollars. On the checkout screen you can enter in a coupon that will decrease the price to $35. If you still don’t purchase the product, then you will be given a final offer to purchase the product for $19.
Once you have purchased the product there will be an upsell opportunity for $197 which will be reduced to $97 and then down again to $47.

My Final Opinion

This product is basically a third party, or middle-man, that charges you to connect you with surveys from other sites that are free to sign up for. If you do your research you can find ways to take surveys for free and get paid for them. If you are interesting to take surveys online, please do some research on Google and find some survey providers directly. If you are required to pay money to take surveys then you should avoid it. But if you are interesting to make money as an affiliate, this product is good for you but again if you are just an affiliate you can find it on Google, just do some research and you will get all and the best thing you do not have to pay. So what the final decicion? Yes it is up to you.

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