Best Ways to Make Money With PLR Products

By harmen batubara

Are you interesting and eager to find out the latest creation, a powerful “PLR products” ready to plug it in and start making you as much money as you want starting today? If so you can get the most advantage of a really hot topic for businesses nowadays. Remember many of you have been try to creating your own products for your own launches. Some of you stopped everything and realize that what you are doing were wrong and started again to concentrating on the successful parts of your business. If you own the perfect product, you have in your hands a really powerful profit making machine that you can turn on whenever you want, and make money from it as many times as you want from the same audience that is passionate about it. You also can even create a monthly membership.

But there are a few questions that come before you take action further: Are you really a good product creator? Why not thinking about the PLR product? PLR product usually created by professionals, but often they do not have the time or the expertise to market their products themselves. As a result, instead of selling their products directly to customers, they often sell the rights to marketers to distribute their products for in one-time license fee. Do you have time to create the good product? Or do you have money to outsource the product? As we do know that creating a product takes great talent. You need to be a real good at writing content, and mastering a step-by-step proven system that can bring attractive results to the buyer.

You need to be able to create a great and extremely high converting sales page, you need to be able to record live videos and have the ability to talk on the microphone with a nice voice. And of course, you need to be really good with graphics. Let me tell you that there is a lot of competition on all this. I do know that creating a product takes a lot of time and effort. Let me show you a really nice chart where I may point out all the time that it takes to create a high quality product.

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As we know Private label rights products (PLR) come in various forms including e-books, software and courses. PLR product was created by professionals, but often they do not have the time or the expertise to market their products themselves. As a result, instead of selling their products directly to customers, they often sell THE RIGHTS to marketers to distribute their products for in one-time license fee. PLR products can be found on the internet, and you can find free ones to start your collection with, or if you like the best of it come to offers.hqplrstore buy it so that you can on-sell to others and also have other people become affiliates with. One of the key things to do when you find a PLR product is to re-name or even re-write the product, so that it is different to what is already being put out there, otherwise what you are selling won’t be that different from what others already have out there in the online market.

Best Ways to Make Money With PLR Products

The big mistake that people commit is to use the product just the way they receive it. This is a fatal misstep for your business because hundreds of other people buy the same packages of products and you risk having the exact same content on your site as on theirs. There are so many things you could do to customize this content to your site. In addition, also need to know how to make a product valuable by adding or deleting certain aspects of it. One good way of increasing the value of your product is to split it into smaller parts in order to give it away as short reports or to add to your email autoresponder series. You should also add extra text as well as audio and video content in order to make it more attractive to your customers. There are so many more ways of adding value to your product so that your revenues keep climbing. After all, this is what you have entered this business for. You could always acquire this knowledge the hard way, learning from your mistakes but there is really no need to do things this way when you have reliable short cuts available.
Do you want to make money online instantly with your PayPal account? But, initially you feel that you haven’t any marketing skill. Don’t worry; it is also possible for you to make easy money online. You just need to sell PLR products. You no need to create your own eBook to sell it for profit. Internet is full of information and you can find some PLR ebooks and software to sell them for profit. You just need to buy a PLR product once and after that you can sell it multiple times with full profit.

Ways To Make More Money With PLR Products

By Tim Gorman

Although there are many ways to make money with PLR products it’s the Internet Marketers that go the extra mile and distance themselves from the competition that truly make more money from the PLR products they purchase, modify and then sell for a nice profit.

Consider your standard private label rights purchaser. This marketer knows what PLR stands for (private label rights) and also realizes what can and cannot be done after purchasing a PLR product, based on what the license or rights allows. Initially, they start out strong by conducting research in order to find a great PLR product to promote. This particular product is the complete package, meaning it comes with the actual product, a sales letter, graphics and a few bonus items. With the research out of the way this marketer makes their purchase, orders a domain name, buys hosting and immediately uploads the product on to their server and gets the Paypal button all setup so sales can start rolling in, or will they?

Before you answer that question, consider this fact. It’s a good bet that this individual is already ahead of most of the other people that purchased this same PLR product because the truth is nearly 80% of the people that bought this same PLR package will do nothing with it other then collect digital dust on their computer’s hard drive. Knowing this fact, it is safe to assume that this online entrepreneur will indeed make some sales and perhaps recoup the amount of money they initially spent on the product but there is also a strong possibility that they won’t make a single sale because they failed to take some additional steps that would almost guarantee profitability from their new PLR purchase.

Step 1: Graphics Overhaul – Personally I like to purchase complete private label rights packages and then modify them as I see fit. The first step is to always order a new set of graphics from a designer or create them yourself. This simple step will already set you apart from 90% of your competitors that purchased the same PLR package. Additionally, taking the time to perform a complete graphics overhaul affords you the opportunity to change the name of your product completely. For example instead of your product being called “Potty Training Made Simple” (the original name on the graphics that came with the PLR package) you could change the name to something like “Easy Potty Training Solutions” or “Quick and Easy Potty Training”.

Step 2: Combine Similar PLR Products – Although combining 2 separate PLR products, that cover the same niche or topic can be profitable I have personally found that when you combine 3 or more products the profitability margin increases based on the perceived value by a visitor to your website. For example I might take a set of PLR videos on social bookmarking techniques and combine them with some PLR reports on social bookmaking that have come from several sources. Here’s a better explanation:

  • PLR Product Number 1 – Set of 6 social bookmarking videos
  • PLR Product Number 2 – Report on social bookmarking
  • PLR Product Number 3 – Reports on Facebook, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Answers…etc

Although each of the three products above were all separate PLR purchases and could be sold separately, when combined they are able to form one super product that compliments itself nicely and allows you to raise your selling price from say $17 or $27 to $37 or even $47. Also there is already a built in time and cost savings because you only have to purchase 1 domain name, host 1 website and spend time promoting (sending traffic) to 1 website.

Thus far I have provided 2 simple steps that can significantly increase the ROI for your PLR product. Here are two additional profit-enhancing steps I take with the PLR I purchase and then resell:

Profit Enhancing Step 1 – Adding affiliate links throughout the report. This is a great way to increase your opportunity earnings after the initial sale. I call them opportunity earnings because the opportunities are present provided you take advantage of them. You can have links embedded in your report that lead back to an affiliate product you are promoting or to your own line of products.

Profit Enhancing Step 2 – Instead of adding in a one time offer or upsell on the download page provide a customer appreciation price – Although there is an abundance of statistics that clearly prove the sales volume increase based on utilizing a one time offer or upsell I prefer instead to provide what I have coined a “Customer Appreciation Price” or CAP for other products that I sell. What makes the CAP different from the OTO is in the fact that the CAP never expires or goes away. I keep it on my download page forever so that anytime a customer visits the download page they still have the opportunity to make a purchase. Remember that marketing adage about someone needing to see something seven times before they take action. With a OTO they don’t but the CAP allows them to see the offer multiple times especially if you keep updating the download page with new materials to be downloaded on a weekly basis.

One other quick note, I don’t usually modify the salesletters unless I combine 2 or more products in which case a modification of the salesletters is required. Normally I just combine all of the saleletters into one easy to read salesletter that flows nicely. For more innovative ways to profit from PLR products [] make sure to visit [], a website that specializes in providing a course on how to really make money with PLR products []. There’s the money losing way and there is the “Netsense PLR” way to making money online!  Article Source:

So here are the ways to make money with PLR products:

First. Buy a PLR product which has a sale page. Upload this sale page on your website and sell this product as it is. Use PayPal as your payment method. PayPal will tackle all payment headaches. If you use PayPal, then you will get instant money after each sale.

Second. The second method is you should buy more than one PLR ebooks that are related to each other. Thereafter, combine these ebooks into one big product. And sell this image product in comparative low price. But in this method, you have to make your own sale page.

Third strategy is you can edit your PLR eBook and give it a new name. Also, put your own knowledge on it. And sell this new product with resell right.

Fourth strategy. Buy 4- 5 related PLR ebooks. Use one eBook for your opt-in email list. And combine rest of ebooks into one mega product and advertise your website on Google AdWord. Also use article marketing to advertise your website.

Since there is a whole industry built upon this concept there is an enormous lot of information available that is based upon other people’s successes and failures. This makes an invaluable source of knowledge that you can ignore at your own risk.

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