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People have come up with different strategies for marketing their products. One of those strategies is video marketing. The power of video marketing lies in its appeal for the people who don’t want to bother themselves with reading into texts and prefer to see someone talking instead. This can be very beneficial, because hearing someone talk about a subject you’re not familiar with often makes it easier to understand. The point of this introduction was to link video marketing with article writing which usually focuses on text. You can merge these two by using Article Video Robot that turns your articles into videos.

You can take an article you have already submitted to directory’s or right off at your site, and use it to create a video in only a few minutes just by pressing a few buttons. No matter how non-tech inclined you may feel this is not going to be difficult for you. We are not only talking about distributing videos, we are talking about literally showing Article Video Robot your article on EzineArticles and then letting it go through the process of creating a video with speech – ON AUTO PILOT – that sounds as if it were created by a professional. What’s even better is that YOUR VIDEO can be distributed to more than 15 different video submission sites, as soon as it is completed, by hitting a single button in ARTICLE VIDEO ROBOT.

How to Convert Your Article to Video?

By Sanchit Bhatnagargatorar

It’s a lot simpler than you think to convert an article to video. You can submit your high quality articles to YouTube. Directories will also be glad to have them. You can get trust and a better reputation from search engines. It’s also a wonderful way to drive traffic to your site. There’s a lot more to do with your content then just letting people read it, and you know it. Wouldn’t it be better if they could watch it? There’s a lot of reasons converting an article to video well help your business.

People that want their information fast. They fear the dreaded wall of text on your page. They also don’t enjoy searching for hours to find what they’re looking for. Some people don’t even have the time of day to read 500 words to find an answer. What do you think is simpler? A long, boring 500 words, or a quick and easy 2 minute video? Short attention span surfers are a lot more likely to watch instead of reading. This allows them to get the info they want quickly. It also gives you an opportunity to drive more traffic.

Creating an article to video project is not a hard thing anymore. There’s a ton of software out there to help you make quality videos in seconds! You just copy and paste your article into the software, select a few options, and hit go! You do not need any technical expertise or filming equipment. There’s no need to even show your face. Some programs use text to speech capabilities so you don’t even have to record your voice.

Having these videos online opens up a whole new stream of traffic to your site. Google ranks videos a lot easier than most content. It’s very normal that videos are at the top of the search results. Google also tends to quickly index videos, unlike articles where they tend to be a bit slower. That simply means that getting a video indexed is much faster than written content. YouTube gets millions of visits a day. Any videos you have there will get you traffic.

It’s much easier to get attention using a video. It would be quite valuable for your business to invest in an article to video marketing campaign. There’s no need for fresh content to turn your articles into videos either. It’s perfectly fine to do with older content that has already been submitted to directories. It’s extremely beneficial to learn how to create and upload these easy videos.

Sanchit Bhatnagar is the Co-Founder of The Article Video Robot (, a software to convert any article into Live Talking Video with a full voice over, graphics, animations, and background music, just by pressing ONE button! Click here to convert your article to video now!

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How Can You Convert Articles to Video

You can turn articles into video with Article Video Robot by signing up and copy pasting your articles into the tool. Setting up your article for video converting is a process that has several parts.

Once you have inserted the body of your article into Article Video Robot, it will break the text down into paragraphs automatically. You can still go over it and make changes where necessary. You are also advised to summarize headlines for better article structure. You can also add pictures and videos to your headlines.

Article Video Robot Text to Speech

There are three ways you can add voiceover to your article. Video article marketing relies on the voice – so if it doesn’t sound good or professional or cool or whatever, the listeners will lose interest. With this article to video converter you can upload voice, use some of the preset voices present in Article Video Robot or simply record your own voice.

Like solo artists usually need a backing band, you article needs a background too. There are plenty of stock background images available in Article Video Robot. You can cycle through different backgrounds in your article and even upload your own background images. Video marketing wouldn’t be complete without some background music – which is why there is lots of it waiting for you in the Article Video Robot database. And as it was with uploading images, you can upload your own music files as well.

This is what will appear at the end of your video article – it contains information about you such as your name, email, website address, phone and so on. You can choose to show your website link throughout the video article if you want.

Can you imagine how you use this software to support your marketing tactic? if you will. You can take a high quality article you have spun and submit one version of it to a top directory of articles. Then you put that same article, spun, on Unique Article Wizard, Ezinarticle and ArticleRanks. Finally, you still can use another version of the article and make a video from it that you can distribute to 15 different sites for video distribution. All of that happens just from one spun article. That just about using the resources you have to the absolute max – this is what I mean when we suggest you WORK SMARTER and NOT HARDER.

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Best for Marketing Campagne

If you prefer, you could download your video in formats like AVI or SWF, just to name a few. Once your video is downloaded then you could use a tool like Traffic Geyser so that you could get your video seen on more sites – the way we do – or even post it to a torrent site for extra coverage.

What you get with Article Video Robot is an incredible of massive distribution of your article right along with massive distribution of the video you create using that same article as the core. This approach, if you choose to apply it the next time you do a link building campaign, is going to give you results that we guarantee you are going to be very happy with.

Article Video Robot. It is a very simple program without a lot of bells and whistles, but it does precisely what it tells you it can do and we are more than happy of what it is capable of doing. The single shortcoming it might said to have is that it would be nice to be able to have more narrators to choose from and some extra effects, but really that is just us being picky rather than an actual problem with the software package itself.

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