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By harmen batubara

What AK Elite?

Have you heard SEO Elite?  You may still remember another product that Brad’s[1] developed several years ago called SEO Elite. SEO Elite was the first real back link, Google analysis tool that was used by nearly all internet marketers. Basically, SEO Elite would tell you why your competition was ranked where they were in Google. You could then reverse engineer their ranking strategies and “1-up” them in Google, ranking at the top.

In a nutshell, AK Elite helps you research profitable topics on Amazon to write about, identifies the hottest keywords, and then helps you get your eBook ranked for those keywords. You can see Brad’s sales letter and his demonstration video do a pretty good job explaining how the software works.

Hows The Software Work?

AK Elite CAN drive traffic to your eBook and get you lots of exposure, but that doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get a lot of sales. That doesn’t mean anything if your eBook it is not good enough to read. Why would you fail? For these reasons:

Because your book Title, Description & Author Profile uses BAD copywriting (boring) and so on. If you really want to take your sales to the NEXT level, there are some specific, killers strategies that can help you get there would you found at AK Elite. Well, AK Elite is essentially the SEO Elite of the Amazon Kindle store… And in the sales video for AK Elite, He show himself using AK Elite to rank #1 in Amazon for “weight loss” and many other popular keywords, in only ONE week! Please visit or click the following: AK Elite official website.

Publishing Kindle books is the hottest and interesting niche in the Amazon’s internet marketing community. There are tons of eBooks teaching people how to sell Kindle books. And every book teaches a specific process to get your book ranked highly in the Kindle store for your keywords, which is the starting point for making money with your Kindle book. The problem is, they teach all of the manual steps necessary. It’s A LOT of analysis and a lot of manual work, that takes A LOT of time and for some it is more confusing.

The FIRST And Only Amazon Kindle Analysis And Ranking Products

AK Elite is the FIRST and only Amazon Kindle analysis and ranking product to ever hit the internet marketing world. It automates everything that people have already been taught to do manually. In that reason AK Elite should become the starting point for people wanting to sell or make money from Kindle books. It will be positioned as the tool they need to start with, if they’re going to make money online by publishing a Kindle book. It won’t be positioned as you have to already have a Kindle book to use this. Ok, how AK Elite works? Basically, it’s software that:


1) Reveals hot topics or niche (keywords) for you to publish eBooks on.

2) Reveals how the top competing EBooks are ranking for those keywords (in the Amazon Kindle marketplace).

3) AK Elite will helping you gets YOUR EBook top rankings for those keywords (automatically).

BUT, there’s a strong RISK of you buying this software and getting very few sales with your eBooks. So bear in mind even you can push your eBook at Top Rang king but if your eBook it is not good enough, you cannot make a sales?

Preparing Your Ebook for Kindle

By Amy K. Jones  –Publishing your eBook for the Kindle- if you’ve opportunity to self-publish your eBook with Amazon – for the Kindle – you need Sigil Program .epub formatting process.First thing you’re going to want to do is open your document in whatever program you’ve created it in and use the ‘Save As’ feature to save the document as HTML.

Then go online and grab a free program called Sigil and install it on your computer. Open your .HTML document in Sigil and immediately use the ‘Save As’ feature to save your document with an .epub extension. Now you have a document that is in the correct file type for submission to Amazon’s Kindle ebooks.

Here are the 6 steps to follow to convert your document using Sigil:

Separate Your Book into Sections: Scroll down your document until you find the your first ‘Chapter’ break and use the Sigil squiggle button (fifteenth option from the left on the top panel of screen) to create a break in the document. Repeat this process throughout your document wherever you want a separation in the document. (Save your work.)

Creating Your Table of Contents: In the left-hand column, double-click on the first file. The first section you created will appear in the main window. Highlight the title of your book and use the drop down menu to select ‘Heading1’ (the little window in the first position of the second row at top panel). Highlight your name and select ‘Heading 2’ from the drop down menu. Move (double-click on second file in list on left) and highlight ‘Chapter 1’, then select ‘Heading 3’ from the drop down menu. Follow this procedure throughout your book files.(You know it: Save your work.)

Add Your Cover: Double-click on your first file on the left panel and place your mouse cursor just before the first letter of your title. Click the Sigil squiggle to create a new section. In the left panel, double-click on the new first file and place your mouse cursor in the center of the main area, then click on the ‘Insert’ button on the top panel and select image (or use the add image button that has the image icon on it, in the top panel). Find your cover image file and add it. The image will appear. (Save your work.)

Identify Cover Files: Right-click on the first file in the left column and select ‘Add Semantics’. Click on the word ‘Cover’. Then scroll down the left column to the file titled ‘Images’. Double-click on this file, then right-click on the image you’ve added as your cover and select ‘Add Semantics’, then click on ‘Cover’. This will tell eBook reader programs that this is your cover. Do not assign this title to any other image.

Identify Book Files: Right-click on the second file in the left column and select ‘Add Semantics’, then click on ‘Title Page’. Follow these steps to assign semantics (identifiers) to each of these files: Cover, Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedication, assigning ‘Text’ to the file where your first chapter is located. (Save your work.)

Verify Your Reformatted Document: Select ‘View’ from the top panel and click on ‘Validation Results’, then select ‘Tools’ and ‘Validate Epub’. This feature will check the document for structural errors that need to be fixed before you submit your book. The lower portion of the screen will either say ‘No Problems!’ (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.) or a list of issues will appear for you to address. When you see ‘No Problems’ you’re done!…Now save your work. See Full version-by Amy K Jones Here.

Why would you fail?

Why would you fail? There are some think for these reasons: Because your book Title, Description & Author Profile uses BAD copywriting (boring); your eBook is poorly written and you get bad reviews; and FAILURE is easy for someone new to selling Kindle eBooks. So again here is The AK Elite Work. The AK Elite to analyze all of the top ranked books for each keyword to see why they were ranking where they were. Then chose yours keywords based on the research that it uncovered, Writing Your EBook and next, published the book written for you.

Each day, you would use and see AK Elite to monitor the rankings for each of yours keywords. AK Elite stored the results, so you could compare and view them in a nice line graph, as each day passed. What’s nice about Amazon, unlike Google, is that their search results visibly change daily… not weekly or monthly. In fact, changes that you make to your listing in the morning, could result in a change in your ranking by the end of the day. So, the feedback is almost immediate.

Brad wants to make things even better for you. Try AK Elite for a full 60 days. If you get it, use it, and decide, for any reason at all, you don’t like it, simply let Him know within that 60 day time period, and they’ll refund your purchase. No questions asked.

[1]       Brad Callen makes the best marketing software in the world, Period. Brad Callen is the definition of a World Class Marketer. He creates top selling software, has great marketing skills, is a Super Affiliate of Super Affiliates, and one of the most ethical marketers.

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