How to Install BlueHost & Cyber Monday Deals

How to Install BlueHost & Cyber Monday Deals

A hosting service can make or break your blogging success. If you choose a bad one, it can result in slow loading times and frequent site downtime that could badly affect your business. That’s why hosting your websites or blogs is one of the most important tasks. If you want to build a long lasting profitable online business, choosing the right hosting service for your business is vital.

How to Install BlueHost & Cyber Monday Deals
How to Install BlueHost & Cyber Monday Deals

How A Hosting Service Could Affect Your Business?

Loading time: Your website loading time is the most important thing that could affect your business for good or bad. If your site loads within seconds, you will have more conversion rates. If it takes too much to load, your visitors choose someone else’s site instead of yours. So keeping your loading time to optimal times is the biggest challenge for any online marketer. And your loading time depends mostly on the web hosting service you use. If you use a reliable service like Bluehost, you will be able to run a website that loads amazingly fast.

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Hacking: Security is becoming #1 priority to the online marketers especially in 2018. If you don’t care about making your site hack proof, your site may get hacked or cracked one day. If you host on Bluehost, you can have total backup of your site, and you can make it hard to hack your site.

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Database and full website backup: You need to make sure to keep full backup of your whole database and website contents on a secure server. Bluehost is the best choice when it comes to regularly taking DB backup’s. It’s a hassle free way to backup your whole contents, even a non-tech savvy can find this task easy.

Reliability  There are more than 20,000 webmasters who are creating their websites and blogs on Bluehost each and every single month! It indirectly means how trusted their services are. And more than 2 million bloggers are using Bluehost worldwide, it says it all. Bluehost is built for speed and they have top class servers to host your websites. You will never see a downtime if you are running your sites on Bluehost hosting service.

Unlimited Domain Space And Bandwidth  You can save unlimited databases and consume as much bandwidth as you want. Bluehost never limits your bandwidth and you will never encounter a slow loading website. You can run unlimited number of websites on a single account which is a big advantage of using Bluehost as your web hosting service.

Here are a few other reasons to go with BlueHost:   

  • You get a free domain name for life
  • They provide 24/7 U.S. based customer support, and they really do answer the phone and fix problems fast
  • You can host multiple domains and websites on your account (up to 100 WordPress sites)
  • They give you unlimited space and transfer bandwidth
  • The price is very competitive
  • Automated backups of your files AND databases
  • Tons of other features that other hosting plans at this price point don’t have.

Also, BlueHost promises to make any WordPress updates available to you within 24 hours, so you can keep your WordPress installation up to date with the latest security fixes and new features.

First step of building your own website

So you really want to make a website today? Sounds good – I like people who take action. Here’s your first step: Sign up with a web host and register a domain name (in case you haven’t already). I’m using Bluehost as a hosting and domain name provider in the example below. You can use any other hosting provider (if you want), but Bluehost is super-reliable, user-friendly and they offer a FREE domain for a limited time.

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If you already have a domain name, don’t worry. You can still use Bluehost as your hosting, even if you bought your domain name from somewhere else (GoDaddy). The registration process shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

Once you’ve signed up with Bluehost, I’ll show you how to install WordPress (free platform to build a website) through the Bluehost control panel. P.S.: When you are setting up/making a website; a domain name and hosting are necessary. Otherwise you’ll be unable to set up your website for others to read and browse.

STEP 1: Go to Bluehost

Go to and click on the “Get started now” button. If you use this link, you’ll be able to get a FREE domain, too. This discount applies to all visitors (Yay!).

Disclosure: Because I’ve used Bluehost and found their service great, all links to Bluehost are referral links. I’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase and you’ll get a discounted price. This is how I keep up and running.

blue host

STEP 2: Choose Website Hosting Plan

Once you’ve clicked “Get Started Now”, you’ll be able to choose your hosting plan. Select their Basic option – it’s perfect for brand new websites. The Plus and Prime aren’t really needed unless you’re getting millions of visitors from day one (and best of all, you can save some cash too).

Blue Hosting Plan

STEP 3: Secure a Domain Name

It doesn’t have to end with .com, so you can also use different endings (such as: .net, .org or even if your first choice isn’t available. If you already have a domain name (i.e you bought it from somewhere else), use the right form – ‘I have a domain name’. If you don’t want to choose your domain right away, you can also do it later.

Choose a Domain Name

STEP 4: Fill In Your Details

Enter your personal details to complete the registration process. Add you name, address, e-mail address

Blue Host Domain SignUp

STEP 5: Check Your “Package Information” and Finish Registration

Don’t rush, these are the lasts steps you need to complete

Hosting Package

Don’t go crazy with add-ons.

The add-ons that Bluehost provides are great, but most aren’t required. However, there are few decent, optional ones to consider:

  • Domain privacy– this will hide your personal information (name & address) to help reduce the number of unsolicited marketing emails you receive. If you want to keep your website/domain fully anonymous, tick that option. If you don’t want to stay anonymous, untick that option and you’ll save $0.99 per month.
  • Site Backup Pro– While WordPress is quite secure, it’s wise to sign up for Site Backup Pro just in case. If you are scared that you’ll mess something up, tick that one to start receiving regular backups of your site. (However if you don’t choose it, you are able to sign up for less than $60/year.)

Once you have signed up with Bluehost, you are now able to start making/building websites on your domain name. Just log in to your control panel and choose WordPress, Joomla or Drupal as your website builder. ( This Guide Come to You by Robert Mening)