Affiliate Marketing With Minimum investment, Beware Exploitation by Online Scammer

By harmen batubara

Affiliate marketing model has been the choice of thousands upon thousands of people, yet so very many HAVE FAILED! The truth is that most of these people will never ever earn real money in internet business sales. Why should this be? So many who fail would succeed if they made the right choices. Sadly, too many people make poor choices and so are the cause of their own failure. The one huge reason for failure is that many people are not actually looking to make money! The AFFILIATE MARKETING model attracts many, many people who do not actually want to make money. They just want to HAVE money. There is a difference, as we shall see.
But too many of us want the results that HAVING money brings without the hassle of earning it. And so we lay ourselves open to exploitation by every online scammer out there who says he can help us be millionaires with minimum investment and no work. This not what internet business sales are all about. The affiliate marketing model delivers value to the customer AND to ourselves, and is not about exploiting anyone.

Internet Marketing Model

Remember the Internet Marketing Model that we are have been used to? The model says, you can make a ton of money on the Internet using this Internet Marketing Model, but it is a dying model… and is not working anywhere near as good as it used to be. Basically, with the Internet Marketing Model we PAY for traffic… send it to a Capture Page to Capture our prospects email address and then send them through a funnel and a small percentage of those people will buy. If we are lucky we will break even. So, then we need to create more and more products to make profit.
At some extend this model still works very well and there are some high level strategies you can use to make a LOT of MONEY, such as selling HIGH TICKET products on the back end. But here’s the problem. If you try to build your Network Marketing Business using ONLY that Model – Internet Marketing you will NEVER make it work again. Why doesn’t it work? The business is built by NETWORKING. Person to person contact and when you know this, then you have an UNFAIR advantage over everybody else.

But the BIGGEST reason people fail is they think it is far more complicated than it really is! So many people imagine that making money on the web is down to technical skill. Believe me, that is just not true. There are plenty of people with only very basic tech skills who are brilliant at internet business sales. How do they do it? They concentrate on what they are good at, and leave the rest to others. They use the Hybrid Funnel System. Let’s say that you somehow work out how to generate LEADS from Facebook, or Instagram, tumblr, stumble Upon or Pinterest… or somewhere……those leads go onto your email list, you can do it for you or ask some one to do it for you. You’ve got an email sequence you’ve written which goes out automatically to your leads…Only PROBLEM is that NOBODY is opening your emails… therefore, nobody is clicking the link in your emails and nobody is joining your business or buying your products.

So, yes it’s important for you to build your contacs with more humans with your email list, because some people will open your emails, and you NEED an email list to communicate with your CORE followers and fans, because it uses something called a Social Relationship Manager (SRM). Which means when you generate traffic to your Capture Page and they Opt-In and join your email list. They also go into your Social Relationship Manager. Which means you get to see EXACTLY who they are on Facebook. Yes.. you get their Facebook profile ID and you can reach out personally and connect with them naturally! So, basically you use Marketing Model to drive traffic, generate leads and send out automated emails, and here you can use Hybrid model to personally follow up with your prospects using some Step by step sponsoring Sequence.
With all that marketing model try to be an EXCEL at one thing. Find out what people want, and then give it to them. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? That’s the key behind every business success story. Delivering what people want. Satisfying that want may involve marketing a third party product as an affiliate, or creating something fresh to meet the demand. Many marketers have learned to do both. You can too.

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