Affiliate Marketing Newbie, Avoid on Becoming a member of too many affiliate programs

By harmen batubara

As a blogger you can be an affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing appears to be one of the most popular marketing methods being adopted by a number of people wishing to work from home. The principle is simple – promote other people’s products online in any (legal) way that you can, and for every sale that is made, you make some money. However, there are many products out there, and too many people trying to promote them.

But bear in mind while people do like to buy, they hate to be sold! So your successful affiliate marketing blog must promote valuable information that entices people to want to stick around and spend more time on your blog. You need to provide something of value that other people want or need. Since we’re living in a time of pinching pennies, the more value you can give out there for nothink, the more you’ll end up making in the long run.

Affiliate Marketing Blog Formats. The successful affiliate marketing blog formats that I have reading all seem to have these three things: An eye-catching banner that can break attention and attract eyes to the marketing funnel; Videos that provide value and answer questions in your prospect’s mind; and a follow-up system that will keep your leads organized and follow-up with pre-created emails.

Requires Some Knowledge.

Getting into affiliate marketing requires some knowledge as to how it works, instead of just jumping right into it, and wasting time and money. Its not just about picking the right product, its also about pitching the product to the masses in a way that people purchase it. Its not just a 1-2-3 process, but a lot more than that.

To understand the entire process, there are a ton of books which are available online which can guide you. However, there are many internet marketing coaches out there who have some good training programmes to get you started. These do cost some money, but are a lot more rewarding than just reading a book and putting things to practice. Things always work better when you have a coach/teacher. A bit like having a personal trainer in the gym to push you to achieve your goals.

Some of Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing

Joining too many affiliate programs and attempting to promote them all at the same time will prevent you from concentrating on each one of them; this will reduce the potential of getting the most out of your promotions and will affect the amount of money you earn.
Becoming a member of too many affiliate programs. Majority of affiliate programs available are too easy to join, the temptation of joining too many affiliate programmes challenging to resist. The opportunity to have several sources of recurring income may make you think that there is nothing wrong and nothing in becoming part of multiple affiliate programs.

The best way to achieve the most out of affiliate marketing is to join one program that pays higher commissions and concentrate heavily on promoting it like it was your own product. You can then start joining other affiliate programs one at a time after your first product starts to make a reasonable profit.

Promoting a product/service you have no experience using. Your promotions are most likely to fail if you have not tried the product that you are promoting as you are most likely to fail to create a desire in your customers to buy the product themselves. It is important that you purchase the product and try it to see if it says what is promised before you decide to promote it. This will make you a credible marketer and your feelings towards the product -if it’s good – may help you convince your customers to buy.

Marketing is all about effectively promoting a product or service. As an affiliate, your main purpose is to promote a product or service and convince potential customers to buy. You cannot convince other people to purchase a product that you have not even bought or used yourself. Remember as an affiliate marketer you cannot start making thousands instantly and really no need to rush into making decisions that may frustrate your efforts to make money with affiliate marketing.

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