Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money

By Matt P Colson

Build a Blog that Makes You Money

Today having your own blog is key to a stable online income. Write articles on a regular schedule, once a week or so is a good pace. Work on teaching your readers useful information about your niche. Give them ideas and methods that are actionable. By doing this, your readers will begin to trust you when you recommend products. Let’s face it, that’s how you earn money, your recommendations are part of the monetization process. You work to earn trust in you and your brand. This allows you to then offer high quality affiliate products to your readers and they will feel comfortable buying based on your advice and opinions. Mark Ling, noted web entrepreneur used this formula to create his first web site, and it makes thousands of dollars each year.

Focus on Email Marketing, Not Banners

One of the key lessons Mark Ling teaches is that email marketing makes more money than banner advertisements on websites. Emailing a subscriber an offer creates a “warm” prospect. Visitors that click a banner ad on your page are usually considered a “cold” prospect. The conversion rate is substantially lower with “cold” prospects. You should use opt-in forms to an email subscriber list. It has shown that using banners is not even necessary. Marl Ling’s designed sites do not use banners at all, every thing is sold to the subscribers that have “opted-in.” By giving people an incentive to join your mailing list (e.g. free eBook) then sending out emails that contain useful information, you effectively create a “pre-warmed” prospect. These “warm prospects have a much higher rate of conversion.

One of the key lessons Mark Ling teaches is that email marketing makes more money than banner advertisements on websites.

They are already interested in your niche. They just need to be given opportunity to buy a suggested product. Bring in Traffic Organically with Google. Organic traffic is defined on Wikipedia as web traffic that comes from unpaid listings on search engines or directories. Organic Google traffic is high quality and converts very well. Follow these tips for ranking better on search engines like Google.

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• Post often and regularly – Google loves websites with new, fresh content. This “best practice” helps you rank your posts/pages better.
• Use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords that are shown to have a good number of searches. The more the better. Use these keywords to optimize your post.
• Be sure to use keyword once in title tag, once in description tag.
So just to review, these are the key take-away points for you,
1. Develop a Blog to provide meaningful advice and create a following that trusts you as a source.
2. Build a subscriber base from the readers of your blog.
3. Make product suggestions to your subscribers.
4. Use Email marketing over banner ads for a higher conversion rate.
5. Optimize your pages using the Google Keyword Planner to get ranked higher in the search engines.
These are the 5 easy steps to success. For more articles like this one and many more, please visit my webpage:
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