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Can You Imagine What The Course Helping You?

I want to demystify this wealth building technique for you. To do so I have put together this new course, known around the office as our “affiliate marketing for dummies” course. My name is Bob The Teacher. For a full decade, before I joined LeadPages™ as the Marketing Educator, I’ve personally seen the benefits of promoting the right products to my audience through affiliate marketing. I’ve used the strategies inside this course to test out new product ideas, to help my audience find solutions I don’t have the time or skillset to create, and to add significant revenue to my business every month. I want to show you a simple set of strategies to implement affiliate marketing into your business, too.

My goal with this course: to help you boost your revenue by at least 30%, while serving your audience in an ethical and authority-building way. And I’m not going to charge you a single penny to take this complete course. In fact, you can watch every single module below, right on this page. No opt-in required!

This system includes: 11 easy-to-implement videos (in bite-size chunks); 11 MP3 audios (to listen on-the-go); 14 downloadable PDFs (transcripts, module handouts, a checklist, resource guide templates, and the Affiliate Marketing System mindmap.); The LeadPages™ Facebook Profit Tracking Dashboard to set your goals and track your results every month; Plug-and-Profit LeadPages™ you can instantly use in your account; And I’ve decided to give all of it to you for free!

11 Videos  ; 11 Mp3 Downloads ; 14 Downloadable Pdfs -Handouts And Full Transcripts; And Some Other Surprises

There Really Are No Strings Attached (Seriously!)

You can watch this entire 11-part video course below without even opting in. You can scroll down right now and watch all 11 videos. This course has everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing – even if you’ve never made a dime recommending someone else’s products before. There is no part 2 of this course that I’m trying to sell you, or any other information product you need to buy to start earning commissions with referral marketing. You can also start implementing these strategies in your business starting today – you may even earn affiliate commissions this week. (I honestly hope you do!)  …MORE INFO HERE

Why I Created This Comprehensive Course

Since 2006, I’ve created dozens of information products, produced live events, given keynotes, held mastermind retreats, and published a book. At the end of the day, my income from products and services I personally created was always capped by my own “personal bandwidth” of production. I had heard about affiliate marketing, but had thought it was just for people who didn’t have their own products to sell. I quickly discovered how incredible affiliate marketing could be for any business owner who already has a product for sale. In fact, the proof was in the pudding: people who do have a product benefit even more from affiliate marketing – and so do their customers.

Since 2006, affiliate marketing gave me at least a 30% boost in my income every single year. Even better than the extra revenue, I was able to serve my audience with additional solutions without having to find another 24 hours in a day or clone myself. I want you to help more people profitably, too. So I recently sat down to dump my ten years of experience and knowledge of affiliate marketing into this easy-to-consume course – things I wish I knew at the very beginning.

Thus was born this Affiliate Marketing System – and I’ve distilled it all down for you in under 80 minutes.

With this step-by-step plan, you can start recommending just a handful of your favorite resources to your customers, subscribers, and colleagues immediately. They’ll appreciate you introducing them to cool tools and resources. And the vendors of those products will gladly share part of the revenue in gratitude for your referrals. (Don’t worry – this doesn’t cost your referrals anything extra!)

I’ve laid it all out for you in this 11-part course so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Even though I’ve run live events where participants gladly invested $1000 or more to learn many of these same strategies, I’m excited to give this entire system to you, absolutely free.  You see, I’m now the Marketing Educator for LeadPages™. And since we create and market software, not information products, I don’t have to hold back. I don’t need to give an “information tease” so you’ll purchase more content from us. I can give you as many valuable trainings as I like, for free. That’s my goal for this course.

And, in full transparency, we hope that by teaching you how to boost your own business with affiliate marketing, you’ll be an awesome affiliate for LeadPages™, too! That’s totally optional, but we’ll pay you 30% commissions for every new customer you refer to us with your link.

I’m Giving You Full Access to My “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” System

(and Explaining How to Do It For Yourself) In this free course, I’m showing you the exact steps I personally used (repeatedly) to add at least 30% more revenue to my coaching and training business. I promise you — this is a complete system that absolutely anyone can start implementing immediately. It’s a system that works because it follows a step-by-step formula that I’ve used personally, and taught to thousands of others over the last few years.

If you implement this Affiliate Marketing System exactly as I’m showing you, there’s a good chance you will (at the very least) add 30% more revenue, without adding a ton of extra work in the process. You’ll also have a repeatable, scalable system that will grow your business faster than ever before. That’s because the more people love the recommendations you make to them, the more likely they are to buy your next product, too!

Of course, I’m going to tell you how this system works. And why it works. And how to remove a lot of the headaches and hassles that most people experience trying to figure this out on their own. And I’ll give you as much perspective and examples as I can fit into each video. Plus, I’m going to literally hand you ready-made landing pages, resource guides, and a tracking dashboard to jump start your affiliate marketing out of the gate. So, without further ado, here’s the course…HERE

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