3 Simple Steps on How to Really Make Money Online

By harmen batubara

Most people who start their online venture and trying to make money online, they will facing a lot of difficulties like having hard time in making sales. The most common problem for most beginners is that they do not know how to start and where should they start.
If you are unclear and not sure of how you can really make money online, these 3 simple steps can help you:

1. You must locate a market. Do market research before you dive into your market. Try to find out whether your market is a profitable one, how competitive it is and how is the size of your market. In addition, you may want to choose a market that you have knowledge or skills in. By going into a market that you are familiar, you can boost your online business faster. here are the four simple ways how you can research your niche market.

Next, choose a market that you are familiar with. You have to choose a market that you have knowledge or skills in.

The first step is of course, you have to choose a market that you have at least some interest in. You should know that your business must go long, therefore, you will stay long in your market and if you don’t have any interest in it, you will give up very soon.
Next, choose a market that you are familiar with. You have to choose a market that you have knowledge or skills in. It is fine if you don’t have any knowledge, but if you have, then you are one step ahead. You will spend less time in learning about the market.
This is a very important step, Go to a market where the people are willing to spend. If the people in the market are not ready to spend, you are not going to make many sales. Check this with sponsored ads in your market. The more sponsored ads, the more profitable your market is. However, it also means higher competition.

It is better to dive in a market that is less competitive. This is because with a less competitive market, you can conquer it more easily. You can do so by focusing in your market. For example, if you are going into sports, you can choose to target only Golf or to be more specific, golfs shoes.

2. Build a lead capture page to capture visitor’s emails and names. Lead pages are one-page web sites designed to provide enough information to attract attention, arouse their curiosity and inspire them to Opt In to your website. You have to build your List, remember not everyone who visits your website will buy from you. If you don’t have any products to sell, try to look for affiliate products from the net. Use follow up emails to educate your list of subscribers which you have captured using lead capture page. Build relationship and then promote them with your affiliate products.

Lead pages are one-page web sites designed to provide only enough information to attract a users attention, arouse their curiosity and inspire them to opt in to your designated opportunity. Effective lead capture pages can be built with relative ease and their primary function is to highlight the benefits of your offer, provide an online information form that interested parties fill in and allow you permission to contact them directly with subsequent information. In the industry, this is referred to as an opt-in lead.
You may be asking, why should I bother with constructing and maintaining a one page website whose only purpose is to give users the option of continuing or not continuing with their search? Extensive Market Research has proven what Internet Marketers have known for ages, Users do not always commit to a product or service in their first encounter online. Therefore, providing just enough titillating information on your lead page to pique additional interest will often inspire users to request supplementary information.

Creating lead capture pages from scratch is not hard, but there are several tried and true components that are essential in your design. As a marketing tool, the lead page performs as a multi-tasking agent for your company. It serves to entice prospective buyers, allows you to elaborate on your product and provides you with information on who visits your affiliate site. Most importantly, you will now have legitimate contact information, which can be used to communicate directly with your intended clients :

Your lead page must contain a synopsis of the most pertinent information relative to your product, to grasp a readers attention. Bulleted points extolling the benefits of the next click will serve to whet a users curiosity, thus bringing the desired traffic to your site.
Employing an auto-responders function is essential at this point in order to expedite immediate response. The follow-up e-mail should be comprised of interesting and compelling data about your product and/or service and should be designed to make YOUR product or group stand out from the crowd, thus generating business back to you.

Your primary goal is to develop a positive rapport with potential clients, so providing some insightful, personal information about yourself, such as your pets, hobbies, family, etc., can create an aura of bonding with the reader. Establishing this type of mutuality with the reader intimates that you are a person who is likeable, friendly and able to be trusted, which, in turn, can go a long way in swaying a reluctant buyer over to your side.

3. Last but not least, drive massive amount of traffic to your lead capture page. There are a lot of ways you can drive traffic to your website. Traffic generation is not as difficult as you think, because it is action oriented. The problem with most people is that they are not willing to take action, and that is why they fail to drive traffic to their website.

Here Some Tips on How to Increase Traffic to Your Website by Matt Lenzie :

a. Setup a “page” on facebook. This can introduce your friends and contacts to your concepts, with these relationships there is less trust to be built as they already hopefully know you. Therefore they will require less convincing than other traffic methods.

b. Article marketing can be a great way of generating traffic. It provides you with the ability of being able to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area whilst talking on a subject of your choice. This again can build trust with potential customers and has been shown in some examples to increase opt-in rates to websites.

c. Link building needs to be included as part of a web strategy. There are a huge number of sites on which you can place your links, find some and do a few a day. Over a period of time this method should improve your results in search engine rankings and therefore your traffic. Always ensure where possible that your anchor text or content with which your links are placed is relevant to the keywords that your website is optimized for, as this will help in these long term. This isn’t a quick strategy, but over a period of time will definitely pay off.

d. Content is king. The more content and pages that you have on your site, particularly if it is unique content, will improve your search engine results. Make sure that you ping your content once it has been loaded, and also link your twitter account so that all new content is published to twitter, again this can serve a method of generating some traffic.

e. Social bookmarks can be a great way of both generating traffic and also adding some further links to your site. There are a huge number of social bookmarking sites. I would personally suggest that you use this as part of an overall link building strategy.

f. Social networking, we have already mentioned a page on Facebook. However, what about linked-in. My contacts on linked in are mostly people that I have met and transacted business with, who better to introduce to my new ideas than someone who has already transacted business with me! Also, Twitter and Myspace shouldn’t be ignored. Twitter in it’s own right can be very useful if you are to target followers who are interested in topics that are relevant to your keywords.

g. Web 2.0 Properties, Squidoo, Hubpages, Weebly, Google Knol and a whole host of others should’t be ignored. If you build up a good profile on these platforms they can definitely provide a credible traffic source. Again, don’t expect immediate web traffic, but over a period of time they can provide a steady source.

h. Video is absolutely key. It has proven so many times that video can serve as a great way of building a relationship with your potential consumers, it can go viral if you generate something funny! You should have a strategy for your approach to video and publish a variety of different projects through a variety of platforms.

i. Press release sites. Press release sites provide a way of providing additional links to your site and can help increase your authority on a particular subject. Again, some traffic can be generated from this.

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