EZ Popups, The Best Pop-Ups for Marketing by Marketing

By harmen batubara

Now I want to introduce to you the new idea of a PopUps. The name is EZ popups,  I try to give you the overall look of EZ popups – a Pop-up ads creation tool. Hope that the information in this EZ popups review is all that you are looking for.Spend your valuable time reading this EZ popups review, you will get things valuable, too. Then do what you believe.

What is EZ Popups? First of all, lets take a look at the concept of pop-ups. Pop-ups or pop-up ads are the popular forms of online advertising on the WWW aimed to draw web traffic or collect email addresses. Pop-ups is usually at the top of the website or a small window in the middle of the website. Since email marketing strategies are growing up more and more, so online marketers require to have the attractive pop-ups to stimulate the curiosity of visitors. Understand this problem, EZ Popups is created.

EZ Popups is the easiest and most complete drag and drop list building platform that brings you huge, highly-responsive lists, boost your social fanbase and increase more conversions . With this advantage, your visitors can make their subscriptions and in the fast that you can get the list of the customers’ email addresses. All what you need to do is to drag and drop the elements you’d like, EZ Popups owns 50+ high converting templates to customize. EZ Popups will help you decrease the process of making opt-in forms with a few steps in under 30 minutes. In addtion, You can also create an EZ Popups Review with using its testing function before you publish.

How Does It Work?

I want you to watching the video in the up-side this article, you will be surprised with the ability of drag and drop easily and quickly in creating a popup. Now! Take an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of one of the most powerful lead generation and onsite retargeting platforms for real marketers.

Advertising is the process of making your product and service known to the marketplace. While marketing is the way in which you convince potential buyers that you have the right product for them, advertising is how you communicate to them the existence of that product. Depend on the budget and the condition, each company has their suitable marketing method. There is a new kind of marketing called Popup.  It is often an advertising content or notifications connecting to other sites, and so on. However, some Pop Ups always very difficult for user to use. The problem is how to run pop-up ads without causing discomfort to users and improving its efficiency? It is a difficult problem for all marketers.

What Features of EZ Popups That Make You Amazing About?

EZ Popups has too many features but below is a list of amazing features of EZ Popups that I think would make you feel very eager to play and I think if you use this tool, you will satisfy about it, too.

Drag & Drop Builder You can create any popup or slide-in you want because this platform contains over 50 pre-done templates you can use or imitate comfortably them to create your own popups.

Popups, Slide-ins and More…With the variety of the ways to engage your audience, you can design a lot of unique and stunning popup ads, slide-ins and overlays .

Onsite Retargeting Engine The targeting feature allows you to show different popups for different sections of your site.

Smart Trigger Events You can choose the perfect moment to show your exit including the powerful exit intent event to recover your abandoning visitors just before they leave your site..


Detailed Analytics Detailed analytical reports of how your pops are performing including impressions, conversions and even geolocation data

A/B Split Testing This function is used to compare your popups’ performances and help you improve your conversions. In fact, After I start using EZ Popups, the conversions are rising up significantly.

Compatible with all websites and e-commerce platforms. EZ Popups comes bundled with more than 50 unique components or compatible with the services you have already used in love.

Who Need to Use It?

There are many reasons to choose EZ Popups and here the main reasons why you will love EZ Popups. All the above functions of this tool meet my requirements such as :

  • Ultra-Simple drag and drop builder and customizer.
  • High converting templates to customize.
  • Easy integration with all top sites and services.
  • Detailed campaign statistics and analytics.
  • Smarter triggers for targeted engagement.
  • Intelligent audience targeting and conversions.

Who is The Author of EZ Popups?  EZ Popups build by Sean Donahoe. Sean Donahoe is known as a successful internet marketer, speaker and author. He was the founder of Internet Marketing Success Center (IMSC) to help others learn how to make money online. Products like ProfitBuilder, the best landing page software that has sold 10,000s of copies, RapidMailer, the alternative self-hosted autoresponder that powers over 15,000 small businesses, and more.

AffiliateRoyale Your Best Affiliate Tools for Marketing

By harmen batubara

Affiliate Royale is a complete Affiliate Program plugin for WordPress. Use it to start an Affiliate Program for your products to increase traffic, attention and sales.Once you launch your affiliate program with Affiliate Royale you’ll be able to easily track your affiliates to see how they’re doing. You’ll see how many clicks they’re driving, sales they’re making and how much to pay them at the end of each month.

Affiliate Royale is a tool for marketer to be as an affiliate marketing to market their products.  What is Affiliate Marketing?  The Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice where a business will reward one or more affiliates for each customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It involves three main players, the Merchant (the person selling a product), the Affiliate (the person promoting the product) and the Customer (the person buying the product). Once the Merchant has affiliate tracking software in place (like Affiliate Royale) alongside their payment solution they can start accepting affiliate signups. After an Affiliate signs up for an affiliate program they are given tracking links and sometimes banner ads provided by the Merchant’s affiliate tracking software to use in their marketing activities to promote the merchant’s products. When a customer clicks on the affiliate’s link and then goes on to make a purchase that sale is tracked and the merchant pays the affiliate a commission for the sale.

Affiliate Royale for WordPress is a plugin that will help you start running an affiliate program on a standard WordPress based website while you enjoy your lunch. As we know that affiliates are a good marketing method to drive traffic and building our brand to our prospecting customer. Using Affiliate Royale for WordPress plugin you will be able to manage all your business in one place. But if you want simpler and easier, ShareASale affiliate program could be another good option.

Simple affiliates dashboard

Worries about starting an affiliate program  Some people, are too worried to try things they think they need it like building affiliate program. This plugin will overcome some issues and worries that you face when you want to build an affiliate website like; Outsourcing Affiliate Program or use a 3rd party hosted solution are relatively expensive. Setting up a self-hosted affiliate program that actually works with shopping carts on the market is a BIG technical challenges. With all difficulties, will my affiliate program runs well? How can my affiliates start selling quickly?

Installing Affiliate Royale  All that worries are gone away when you start building your affiliate website using Affiliate Royale for WordPress. Installing the plugins is simple, if you have installed a plugin before, that means you can build your own affiliate website. Affiliate Royale for WordPress Install When installed,  you are done from the technical things. Affiliate Royale automatically create affiliate sign up and affiliate log in pages for your affiliate member plus a page for their management dashboard.

Simple affiliates dashboard  Once your affiliates logged in to Affiliate Management Dashboard, your affiliates will be able to monitor their stats, edit their account information, download their links & banners and view their payment history. Affiliate Royale for WordPress Dashboard  It’s pretty simple, and that is what an affiliate program should be. So your affiliates will focus more on creating content to promote your product rahter than studying your system for days.

See The Simple Affiliate Admin Dashboard  Demo – Find Here

Managing the affiliate program you runs will also very simple but powerful. From inside the admin dashboard you can see reports like your affiliates statistics, a listing of your top affiliates, the clicks coming in, transactions and the amount of commission should by paid to your affiliates at any given time.

Build Affiliate website using WordPress From inside this dashboard, you can also add links and banner easily, customize purchase and payment message to your affiliates, setup your commission levels (1-99), setup cookies expiration, payment system you will use and mailing list integration using aweber.

Payment Gateway  The last thing about selling online is how your customer will pay you before you give them your products. Affiliate Royale can easily be setup to track initial and recurring payments coming from MemberPress, PayPal, Authorize.Net ARB, WP eCommerce, Cart66, WooCommerce, Wishlist Member (when using PayPal with WLM) and the Shopp Plugin for WordPress. You can find the complete features here.

Simplicity bring Effectiveness  If there is anything you need to consider about choosing Affiliate Royale as the best WordPress plugin to take care your affiliate program is it’s simplicity. I found some affiliate programs I am following like AdSanity, MemberPress and Affiliate Royale itself using it.

As an affiliates all you need to know are:  you want to see is your stats, your banner/links and setup your PayPal account to be paid, no more hassle! All you want is start selling minutes after registering! Defenetely, Affiliate Royale is the best answer. Even better, your affiliates won’t have to go anywhere but your site (with your look & feel) to login to their Affiliate Dashboard — because it will be seamlessly integrated into your website.

With Affiliate Royale you’ll:

  • Launch your affiliate program in a matter of minutes
  • Monitor affiliates’ clicks, sales and payments
  • Maintain your brand with your own Banners and Links
  • Drive more traffic to your site from your Affiliates
  • Increase revenue with more sales!

Plans and Pricing   There are two pricing plans available. One is the Developer Edition, which is $165 and allows you to use Affiliate Royale on an unlimited number of websites (and client websites). There is also the Merchant Edition, which is only $85, available to use on one website.

Customer Service Affiliate Royale  Naturally, you’re not going to want to try this program without having some kind of assurance. The people who designed Affiliate Royale offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the plugin, simply notify their customer service and receive a full refund.

Traffic Advice Straight from Michael Dunlop That I Love

By harmen batubara

#  Be Simply Beneficial[1]  Writing articles that are informative is a big first step towards getting people to read them. When you write an article the intention is always to compose something that will benefit the readers. It is all too easy however to get caught up in the writing process and overlook a few key elements of your article. These elements actually have more to do with knowing how to ‘communicate’ your thoughts than knowing how to write an article. It is almost funny how often we can take something that is relatively simple and make it complicated. The fact is that the most popular articles online are the most that are the easiest to read.

 “Focus on your content first. Traffic is a byproduct of doing great content.” Michael told me[2], “I think people are over-complicating traffic. They’re reading too much into all these techniques and spending all their time making sure their blog looks good.” There’s nothing wrong with having a great blog design or doing SEO the right way. But it is a problem when your spending so much time on the technical stuff that you forget your site’s purpose:  to provide immense value for your visitors. Michael sees too many blogs that don’t have any “great articles that make people think, ‘I’m going to come back, time after time.’”

Extraordinary content is the key to extraordinary traffic. It all starts with Michael’s straightforward mindset: “When I’m writing an article, I have two things in mind. Firstly, I want to make it as simple for someone to understand as possible. Secondly, I want to make it as beneficial to the reader as possible.” Simple + Beneficial = the type of content that makes people love your website and want to come back. Michael insists that this model truly is at the root of his traffic success and that it’s really not that complicated: “We’re not doing anything special with Expert Photography. We’re just writing these really exciting posts. We’re getting people to share them on social media. Getting people to link to them, which makes us rank well, which sends us all this traffic. It’s that simple.”

#  Write a Strong Title The title of your article is a gateway to it. If it is skilfully crafted and promises information that the searcher is looking for, it will motivate the reader to go through your article avidly. If not, the searcher will simply ignore it and go ahead. All your labor and time in writing the article will be wasted.If you want your articles to create a buzz among your readers and keep their attention from the first word down to the last, the secret is not just creating a well crafted copy but to provide your articles with highly effective and strong titles. Before your reader can get into the body of your article they will first see your title, and if it is not convincing enough what you say in the body will not matter.

Try reading previous issues of magazines, newspapers, and even contents from online sources, what do you see in common? Think about what made you click the link to the article and finish the entire entry without even thinking about it. Research has proven that articles with catchy and striking titles attract more readers compared to copies written with regular headlines conveyed in a neutral tone. If you master the skill of writing appealing titles in your articles, you will increase the chances of your website or blog to be noticed by more readers and to be visited more often. No matter how good your article is, if the title is wrong then nobody will read it.When reviewing a friend’s website, Michael noticed that their titles were all wrong:

“The titles stood out firstly because they were using words that nobody would ever search for. If I was doing a post on traffic tips, I wouldn’t throw in a bunch of crazy words into the title to make it sound really interesting.” “Nobody’s ever going to Google ‘Premier Traffic Tips’. They’re going to Google ‘Traffic Tips’.” Putting the right keywords in your title is your best chance to rank well for competitive search terms. Of course, the ideal title also grabs a reader’s attention and makes them curious to read more.

Traffic is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

#  Big Articles Provide Big Value  If you’re a regular reader of Income Diary, then you know that our articles are long. Personally, my average is over 2,000 words per article. This length pushes me to provide as much value and information as possible our readers. For instance, “Top 10 YouTube Channels” could easily have been a 200 word article that simply lists the channels’ names, their subscriber count, and a link to their most popular video. But instead, it’s 2,733 words and the article contains in-depth information for each YouTube channel detailing how they built their following and how they make money from YouTube.

Seth Godin is a great example of a blogger who excels with short content and Michael Dunlop told me that he recognizes that type of content has its place. But for Income Diary, he instructs his staff to produce longer articles: “You can write articles that are great and that are literally 200 words long. But when I’m reading up on something, it’s really important to me that the author goes into more detail so I can make a better assessment.”

If you want your articles to be ranked highly on Google for terms that are going to pull in a ton of traffic month after month, you’ll increase your chances greatly by writing longer articles. Not only will Google recognize that you’re site is providing more value than the competition, you’re also more likely to hit on long-tail search terms that are embedded somewhere in the 2,000+ words.

#  You Don’t have to be an SEO Master  With all of Michael’s success with articles getting on the front page of Google, you may assume that he’s an expert on SEO. But Michael insists, “I’m no master in Google.” Instead, he says, “All I focus on is making sure that my articles are literally the best articles possible. Google just seems to rank them well because they deserve to be at the top.” Michael’s assertion is backed up by David Sinick – the SEO expert behind BeastMedia and the co-author of WordPress SEO Blueprint. In a separate interview about SEO optimization, David told me, “There are tons of different factors that go into ranking well, but the biggest is high-quality content.”

Recently, Google’s search rankings have been taking social feedback into account, with a special emphasis on +1’s. As Michael observes, “getting articles ranked does depend greatly on how well they’re received by people. The articles that get the most comments, likes, and links are the ones that get ranked the best.” In others words, don’t think you won’t be able to rank well just because you don’t know the ins and out of SEO. Instead, focus on writing content that deserves to be the top result. You might be surprised by how highly your un-optimized articles rank. All this isn’t to say search engine optimization isn’t important. At Income Diary, we practice some basic SEO tactics that you can read up on here.

# Write ‘Top 30’ Caliber Content  Over the years, Michael has published a lot of different types of content. He’s noticed that certain types of content just seem to do better than others. “One of the first articles I’d done on Income Diary was called Top Earning Blogs in which I listed top 30 blogs in order of monthly earnings. This article has done so well that by now it could literally have had a million views and thousands of likes and tweets. I’ve actually turned off the comments on it after 290 comments just because I was sick of having to constantly accept and decline comments on it.” Michael credits the articles success to the fact that its title is a popular search term, that it’s something people wanted to share, and that it attracted the attention of the 30 blogs mentioned in the article (and their healthy audiences).

While article keeps getting traffic to Income Diary month after month, Michael believes that there is still plenty of room for this type of content in other niches and subjects. Off the top of his head, he rattled off, “30 Top Bloggers in the Photography Industry, 30 Best Basketball Players of All Time, 20 Reasons Why it Sucks to be a Chef… Those sort of really link-worthy articles that people share on social media constantly.”

#  Traffic is a Marathon, Not a Sprint  I asked Michael the single biggest mistake that people are making online and this is what he told me: “People are so excited at the beginning. They go on writing blog posts left, right, and center. But then after a few months, they haven’t made any money and they just give up. That’s why people fail so often.” Even if you’re doing everything right, it’s unrealistic to expect to have a ton of traffic and income right away. These things need time to incubate:

“My brother didn’t make any money with Expert Photography the first few months. But he kept at it because he’d seen exactly how long it had taken me to grow my websites in the past. Eventually, he was making $100 per month, then $1000 per month, and finally this month he had his first $1000 day.”

Those are pretty amazing results after only 18 months. Josh owes the traffic success to his dedication to producing great content over the long haul (he’s already published over 200 articles on the site and you can take a look for yourself to see their high quality). Before you give up on a website, give it a fair chance to succeed: commit to publishing quality content consistently.

[1] http://www.incomediary.com/10-traffic-tips-for-blogs-michael-dunlop

[2] http://www.incomediary.com/10-traffic-tips-for-blogs-michael-dunlop


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