How to Increase Affiliate Sale and Earn More Money

By harmen batubara

 Sometime your affiliate business is not working as you like, and your commission more and more down not like you have done before. If that the case, it is better to evaluate your affiliate “arsenal” and find out what happen within.

Here are some steps to starting to evaluate your an affiliate marketing website in the first step.

Check Again Your Niche   A niche is the industry that you want to work in. There are affiliate products in just about every niche you can think of, from health and fitness to relationships to making money. Have you picking up a niche where you already have some knowledge or interest. It is importance.  This will help you to understand the needs and wants of your prospective customers and make you more enjoy with.

Check Again Your Products Are you picking up to many products?  As we know, there are many different affiliate programs that pay commissions to people who sell their products. You and other affiliates can find a huge number of products to sell at top affiliate sites like Amazon, CJAffiliate, ClickBank and JVZoo. Best of it, the affiliate marketing companies usually will provide you with marketing materials and range of different products for up-sells and down-sells. Some time you just pick up a product because they have best marketing material and look like easy to promote. It is time to check it again, and make sure the product you pick up it is the one that your customer’s need.

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It’s impossible to make money from all the products; it’s a smart move if you pick a handful of products to promote. Make sure you are promoting the products that are really relevant to your website audience. Make sure you are promoting the right kind of products to your audience. I have seen some affiliate marketing related websites running the web hosting and themes related banners. I’m sure they are not going to get any significant sales from such actions and are just wasting their website space for the promotion of unrelated products. So if you are affiliate about how to make money online and affiliate tools offers etc., then only you should run make money and affiliate best tools related campaigns on your Website. But since there are lots of ways of making money and affiliate best tools websites to choose from, how to make the right website selection?

You should think of promoting those products only that you are using in person and are fully satisfied with. It’s a good idea to read customer reviews about a product before start promoting it on your website. You should gain detailed knowledge about the product you are going to promote so that you can answer some of your reader’s questions related to that product.

Check again you’re Building List of Prospects Check again your email capture. Is there any something that didn’t work? How about your free report or E-Book that you give as exchange for an email address?  It is something has a good value? Or it is better you find the best one again? The idea is?  It’s unlikely that a prospect will buy from you the first time visit your website. So you need to start building a relationship with them so that they can get to know, like and trust you.

The most effective way to do this is via email. Put an email capture form on the front page of your affiliate marketing website with the offer of a free report or eBook in exchange for an email address. This ‘opt-in’ offer is normally provided by the product vendor for you to give away to your prospects. But if the report that you give them not the best value, you lost them.

Check Again How You Set Up Your Autoresponder  An autoresponder will send it automatically send out your free offer to anybody that submits their email to you. Once you have sent it, you can set your autoresponder to send a series of follow-up messages to help to build a relationship with your prospect. Have you tested it? Is it really worked? The idea is, make sure that your autoresponder work for you properly.

Doing Product Reviews to make more money Want to increase your affiliate sales without doubling your time and efforts? Then write product reviews that are genuine. It doesn’t matter if you are new to affiliate marketing or not, your readers will love to buy from you if you create a rapport with your product reviews. Don’t write reviews just for the sake of money, you have to give importance to your readers. This strategy would works and gives you plenty of opportunity to increase your affiliate sales over time.

Your customer will love to visit your website again and again if you are good in writing reviews around targeted products. I used to do simple reviews of different affiliate products I’m interested in promoting on my website. Apart from product reviews, people love searching for how to manuals, discounts, coupons and deals around the products of their interest. So you can keep these keywords in mind while writing about a specific product on your site. If you happen to get into top 10 for reviews, discounts and coupons related keywords for affiliate products, you can increase your website visitor number to great extent. So it’s a good idea to do proper keyword research about a product before start writing about it. I would suggest you try implementing a SEO strategy to get your website-targeted pages into top 10 on Google and other search engines.

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Offer Free Services The other idea to have tried or it’s a great idea to offer some free services in exchange for more visitors. Suppose you are promoting Word Press web hosting offers from some of leading web hosts like Hostgator and BlueHost on your website, I believe you could easily improve more your visitor by offering services like free WordPress installation. You can see how John Chow does the kind of service in his blog.  Installation of certain plugins and themes or offering basic SEO services to the newly launched WordPress blogs if they happen to sign up to a web host using your affiliate link.

Also asking your friends to create a WordPress blog is a great idea to boost your affiliate sales especially if you are focusing on web hosting promotion sales like Bluehost. Create awareness in your friends and tell them how they can make money from blogs so that they would be curious to launch a website for themselves too. Those ways you are not only increase your affiliate sales from web hosting companies, but you are also helping your friends to use their time better to make money online. It is good idea to have a try.

Check Again Materials That You Upload to Your Website Your affiliate marketing website it’s a brand of your business.  If the content in the form of articles, blog posts, images, videos, photos and graphics that you up load to your website not the best one, or you just do it because it is easy for you, and forget about the qualities. Remember. Your content demonstrates to your website visitors that you understand your niche and it will help you to show to your visitor that you have the best looking website, and have the materials that make sure your website will get best ranked in Google.

Drive More Traffic, Use Social Media Promotion  You may have the best affiliate marketing website on the internet but if nobody is visiting it, you’ll not sell any products. It is good idea to check your traffic strategy again. Remember. Pick one or two traffic strategies. There are free and paid techniques that you can use. It’s better to do one or two effectively, rather than try to manage too many at once. If you are thinking to increase more visitors to your affiliate website to earn more money from your websites, focus on promoting your affiliate products through social media sites. You can use Facebook, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter etc., with free or use their ads one to increase your reach.

You can improve traffic and affiliate sales on your website by running special social media promotions for targeted pages. If you have some budget I would suggest you pay special attention to promote with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon and Delicious websites. You should look at ways to get maximum shared and likes for your stories on these networks. The other strategy is, use landing pages to increase your affiliate sales, you can then use those landing pages links to promote them on social media. Because landing pages give less distraction and less distraction means more sales and conversions from your web page

My Other Suggestion. In a nutshell, increasing your affiliate sales to make more money from your websites is not that hard one, especially if you know how to pick up the best product, how to sell it.  If you promote the RIGHT kind of products to your readers, they will definitely be interested in buying from you. If possible try to give them benefits if they buy through using your affiliate links. Most of all, transparency is the key to become a successful affiliate marketer. Share your views in the comments section below.


Instabuilder 2.0 New & Improved! It’s Better Than Ever!

by harmen batubara

What is Instabuilder?

Are you an Experienced Marketer that has been used to creating a high-converting lead capture pages or a Online Businessman who is seeking a professional and quick solution for your coming sale-pages; or a Newbie starting to learn how to do Internet Marketing by toddling; or just even an Blogger passionate about WordPress and wish to refine your blog with some unique features? You come to right place since here I will bring you a simple “Instabuilder 2.0 review”, a product developed by Martin Crumlish and Suzanna Theresia.

Instabuilder is simply a WordPress plugin (given under *zip format) which will enable users to create professional and highly responsive Squeeze & Sales Pages in about 5 minutes. To be more precise, here a list below some prominent features of this plugin:

  • Create Sale-Page; Landing-Page and Squeeze-Page in a minute
  • Facebook Opt-in Option
  • 50+ Stunning Templates
  • Beautiful Optin Widget
  • Delayed Content
  • Split Testing
  • Viral Download Lock
  • Point and Click Graphics and Font Style Control
  • Autoresponder Integration

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As being mentioned above, this product aims for internet marketers, bloggers using WordPress and those who want to run any kinds of online business. That these guys will have to create some facilities on their websites, something like: Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Sale-Page, Video Sales, and tens of other webpage elements. To be honest, in the past, marketers had to install several separate plugins in order to create all of functional pages above. Meanwhile, Instabuilder allows ONE plugin to do LOTS of different functions integrated into a single functioning plugin. That’s great!

That’s the reason InstaBuilder 2.0 is created as a tank to include all of these features…. Rolled into one powerhouse. And when you run it on all cylinders, the possibilities are virtually ENDLESS. You can create just about any type of web page you would like at the snap of your finger! Everything is complete in one package, InstaBuilder is the only web-site building solution you’ll ever need.

Zero coding. No high-end technical skills needed. And the best part? No fees each month.

Instabuilder 2.0 Comes Equipped With Dozens Of High End Features :

Slick User Interface With Easy Drag & Drop Technology – Creating your own pages is now a fun and exciting experience! Our fluid Drag & Drop Editor lets you place any Element onto ANYWHERE you want on your page!

100% Responsive – Instantly preview how your sites look like on all mobile devices! All Page Templates Are Highly Customizable – Templates can be edited, duplicated or you can even create your own from scratch!

Flexible Formatting – Complete control over the look and feel of your website. Choose your font typography and style without any CSS coding at all.

Custom Elements – Add/remove text blocks, images, videos, buttons, columns, boxes, tabs, navigation bar, Today s Date, FB comment, custom HTML/CSS/Javascript, and a lot more… all within a few clicks.

2Step or 3Step Opt-in Technology – Convert your visitors into subscribers more effectively. Filter for qualified leads for your high-end, back-end programs with our unique opt-in process.

New Visitor Survey Feature – Add a survey of up to 5 questions to your Landing Page.

Welcome Gate – Create a custom Landing Page for new visitors before they visit specific pages or posts for the first time.

100% Ready-Made Marketing Graphics Library – Slick icons, buttons, arrows, and background images ready to be used instantly for your pages!

Built-in Image Visual Editor – Powered by Adobe’s Aviary SDK, you can resize, crop and edit your images on-screen without using Photoshop or any external image editing program!

Split Testing Feature – Create and manage multiple variations of your Sales Pages or Landing Pages. Track your stats real time – no wait!

Advanced Statistic and Analytics – Get in-depth information on how your website is performing including source of traffic.

Unblockable Exit Redirect Popup – Increase your sales or capture leads from initial non-buyers traffic using this sneaky but effective method.

Time Delayed Content – Choose specific areas of your webpage to have content or buy button appear at a certain interval

Fully Customizable Countdown Timer – Configure the look and feel of your countdown timer, when you want your special deal to end, and place it ANYWHERE on your page!

Scarcity Tool Banner Frame – Embed a floating banner featuring its own countdown timer that prompts your visitor to take action NOW and not later!

Social Sharing – Let your visitors spread your page on the 4 leading social media sharing sites today: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Sticky Notification Bar – Implement your own attention-grabbing bar across the top of your page that follows your visitor wherever he scrolls.

Animation and Dynamic Elements – InstaBuilder is also ideal for building corporate-style, responsive websites where you can have elements of your site doing animations like blinds, flip-in, and fading.

Publish to HTML or Facebook – Save your Page in a converted HTML page or share on Facebook – all just a mouse click away!

Flexible SEO Options – Easily optimize your Pages for high search engine rankings. Alternatively, you can switch this off for private pages such as Download Pages and Members Area.

Thorough Autoresponder Integration – While most site builders are limited to supporting famous autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp, InstaBuilder does that and much more. Heck, it supports ALL autoresponders!

Integration With GoToWebinar – InstaBuilder 2.0 supports GoToWebinar integration to your Landing Pages to register attendees to your scheduled webinars.

Who’s Insta Builder 2.0 for?

List Builders:  InstaBuilder will help you simply create clean, high converting landing pages. They also have a splittest feature you can use to find what works best for you. Boosting your opt-in rate can mean multiples more value from your traffic.

Online marketers: Interest Marketers can use InstaBuilder 2.0 to make a wide array of pages professionally for sales. Making sales is very important with internet marketing & InstaBuilder 2.0 makes it simple for Online marketers to make web pages they need to do so; it also features the latest strategies like countdown timers & funnels helping you increase your conversion rate & saving money on other add-on scripts you may have had to purchase.

Affiliate Marketers: Affiliate marketers will find InstaBuilder 2.0 to be a significant time & cost saver helping you make bonus pages for your affiliate promotions (increasing conversion rate from your traffic = more revenue). It may also help you create clear & engaging pre-sell pages; importantly your able to use the exit pop-up or the opt-in pages for lead capture to advertise over and over again.

Product Owners: Evidently InstaBuilder 2.0 will help product owners who’re looking to sell eBooks, software, or eCommerce on-line. InstaBuilder 2.0 rivals other expensive tools like OptimizePress 2. It will help you make your whole sales funnel without being a tech professional. You can drag & drop your sales page design and find the graphics you need to increase your sales all within Instabuilder 2.0

Offline Consultants: Finally, Off-line Consultants may be interested in Instabuilder 2.0 to help their customers create landing pages for leads or perhaps to sell their digital product on-line. With the internet getting more competitive, off-line businesses need to get innovative if they wish to get the lion’s share of business. As an off-line consultant, you’re able to help your customers get the added edge with a professionally design page by Instabuilder2.0, optimized for search engines and for client leads.

Easy to use

Instabuilder is easy to use . This could be the most noticeable point about Instabuilder. More detail, with just a very few exceptions, you can easily get a hang of all this plugin’s features without having to concern about guidance. Normally, a newbie usually finds it difficult to adapt to a premium theme or graphic designing. Instabuilder, in contrast, help them no longer have to use a premium theme like OptimizePress or Profit Theme. In addition, people are usually not an expert in coding, or even lack some basic technological knowledge about Website and plugin customizing as well. However, it’s not the issue anymore since this Instabuilder plugin provides familiar drop menu, supporting the selection of fonts, pre-defined styles, highlighter, etc. There will be never a need to edit a single code line. No codes → No mess, obviously.

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Responsive and Professional. Instabuilder was built in HTML5 which makes it become pretty responsive. In fact, all the elements are automatically optimized to be responsive for mobile as well. Many people might raise a question that in case, will this plugin suit well with the non-responsive theme? Don’t worry about that. Instabuilder works independently of the themes, that means once activated, it will leave your old non-responsive theme behind and taking over, serving up all its awesome features. On top of that, it’s a big shortcoming not mention the quality of pages created by Instabuilder. The design of template and other elements is really stylish, charming and professional (they are all fully responsive as well).

Extra awesome features. Actually, in this Instabuilder Review, I have to emphasize that this plugin comes with a host of brilliant extras. They are features that help people add a social sharing embedded in your content; or provide exit-redirect function and especially functional split-testing feature. Additionally, it also has integration with brilliant auto-responders, Facebook connect & opt-in and a complete library of ready-to-use graphics designs.

Please take into your account that Instabuilder 2.0 almost covers all the functions that just be taken by using about 4-5 different other plug-ins. On top of that, using tons of such plug-ins will not only cost you far more money but also stealing your precious time configuring countless WordPress plugin. Finally, the quality of tutorial videos does not really correspond with the product’s value itself. More precisely, it was done without much care, quite slow and spoken by a text-to-speech bot. However, don’t worry too much because Instabuilder 2.0  is extremely easy to use and never requires much instruction.

For More Info Visit The Official Instabuilder 2.0 Website


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